66 Audio BTS+ Bluetooth Sports Headphones Review

66 Audio BTS+


Sound Quality










What We Like

  • Above average earphones providing best quality music
  • Have longer battery life as compared to the other headsets
  • Bluetooth technology 4.0
  • Lightweight design suits your workout routine
  • Worth buying

What We Don\'t

  • Sound quality may not be very good
  • Issues with fitting for some ears

66 Audio BTS+ are the recommended headphones for those looking for the music partners for running and workout. These are classified as above average earphones and are ideal for those people who cannot use earbuds for their own reasons. These are designed to fit in various types of ears and are quite easy to use.66 Audio BTS+

The 66 Audio BTS+ Sports headsets are worn from behind the neck and are further hooked to ears. This composition gives easy fitting for those who are using them during running or jogging. The biggest hazard one feels during the workout is that the earphones jump out at every pace. However these earphones are suitable for this kind of activity.

The only thing you need is to pick up the right earphones for your ears. Normally the earphones are not adjustable in the ears while running and that is mainly because one does not give a second thought while electing the right earphones while purchasing.

These headphones are designed to fit in the ears for all day long. However case is different in earphones. It is important to keep the earphones in the ears only when you are listening to the music or other audio files. However it may cause some hazard if you try to pur earphones on for a long time. All on-ear models are slightly pushing on ears and if you wear them for too long, they’ll become uncomfortable.

66 Audio BTS+ headphone

66 Audio BTS+ headphones are made of sturdy plastic. It is hard to keep them waterproof as the earpieces are too big. However the wire used in the making of these phones is durable and the headphones are sweat resistant which are ideal for the workout and sports activities.

Round the clock customers service is available for the support. It has been ensured that all the customers are dealt according to their needs. It is most likely if you have any problems with these, contact support and most often than not they will replace your defunct headphones for new ones.

66 Audio BTS+ image

This headset can be connected to 2 devices at the same time. One can easily make phone calls and adjust audio level according to the needs. T provides best call voice quality. In addition to this, it is also equipped with the microphone that helps you record the voice in high quality.

Latest technology has been used in making these earphones. The Bluetooth works fine from a distance of 20 feet. Latest Bluetooth 4.0 has been used in its making. It is ideal to be used with iOS and Android devices or any other Bluetooth enabled MP3.

The battery life of this earphone is exceptionally good. It is a fact that it takes much time in getting charged, but once it is fully charged, you may use it for up to 25 hours. It is much more time than compared to the ear buds of high quality available in the market.

The quality sound provides you the joy of your life. Music lovers may think its voice quality be weak but it is a fact that these are much better in this suitable price. Sound is very good for a pair of on-ear fitness headphones. The right balance of treble mids and bass are fun to listen to.


In our Review 66 Audio BTS+ are highly recommended earphones and are termed as the best for the usage including running and workouts. As far as the audio is concerned, the bass itself isn’t overpowering so these are not basshead headphones. All ranges are balanced and clear. Generally, the sound is much better than with your average headphones.

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