AKG K391 NC Earphones Review



Sound Quality










What We Like

  • Active noise cancellation
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Accurate audio reproduction
  • Less sound leakage
  • Top built quality due to aluminum

What We Don\'t

  • Not comfortable while movement
  • Bulky and not convenient to carry
  • Sound quality is worst (If you do not like active noise cancellation mode).
  • The design is not attractive

Austrian headphone maker AKG is owned by Harman International, best known in the Apple accessory world for its numerous well-designed Harman and JBL-branded speakers, as well as lines of premium and budget headphones. AKG K391 NC earphone consists of a pair of small, silver brushed metal canal phones with a one-button remote and microphone dangling from the left earphone, plus a matching noise-canceling module centered on the lower part of the black cabling.


Noise cancellation: The noise cancellation feature is good but not as the Bose. There is noise control button, you can active noise cancellation mode.

AKG K391 NC Features:

AKG K391 NC provides you best battery timing of about 35 hours. It’s extremely uncommon to find a rechargeable battery in a pair of noise-canceling earphones like this. They are made from aluminum; the build quality is top notch. Between the nice industrial design, clean sound, and very welcome rechargeable battery, it represents a clear step up from low-end noise-canceling earphones. In-ear earbuds help in less sound leakage. Though its single-button remote and good-not-great active noise-canceling functionality both could be better.

AKG K391 NC image 1

 The in-ear design is compact and doesn’t take too much space which makes it easy to transport in a bag or purse. In the box, you will get headphones attached to the processor, two cables with stereo type male connectors wire for different brand smartphones, three pairs of rubber ear plugs, USB connector and airplane dual prony type connector.

Comfort: They are as comfortable as you would expect in-ear earbuds to be. The sleeves come in 3 sizes, so unless your ear canals are unusually narrow or wide, you should be able to get a comfortable fit. For better comfort, you can use foamy ear tips. AKG K391 NC stays in ears as long as you don’t do any fast movement, they really aren’t meant for working out.

AKG K391 NC image 2

Durability: They are made of aluminum, they can last for longer period of time.

Compatibility: You can plug your AKG K391 NC with portable CD player. The sound would be horrendous and muffled until you switch on the ANC button on the processor. When you switch on that button, you would never believe your ears because sound quality will change dramatically. You can connect AKG K391 NC with your smartphone whether it is an iPhone or an android. In the box, you will get different cables for both brands.

Sound: The sound quality is up to the mark. K391 NC delivers sound that’s particularly clean in the treble, midrange, and mid-bass departments, with enough bass to sound entirely competent rather than overwhelming. Though the highs are more pronounced, with particularly crisp treble that lets high-pitched beats stand out. If you turn the noise-canceler off, the audio flattens and drops considerably in volume, losing much of its midrange and bass prominence so you have to keep noise cancellation mode active.

The in-ear design provides passive isolation and a tight seal that leaks very little sound. The active noise cancellation also does a great job with reducing ambient noise. This isolation performance is ideal for noisy commutes and international travel, provided you don’t mind the “in ear” design. The bass produced by these earbuds is fantastic. The reason behind good bass is may be the size of housing and inner driver. The audio reproduction for the K391s is one of their best features. They deliver a balanced audio profile that works well with many different genres of music. The balance is slightly tilted towards bass and low-mids but not enough to feel like these are overly bass-heavy headphones. The audiophile like these earbuds because they got balanced bass. With Bose, you get emphasized bass and treble, but the AKG has a much flatter sound signature. It still can’t compare to non-noise cancelling headphones, but it’s definitely closer. 

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Taken as a whole, K391 NC Earphone is a very good noise-canceling earphone option a premium-priced model with just enough legitimately premium functionality to be worthy of considering. Overall AKG K391 NC have balanced sound without any major lacking points, of course, considering these are noise cancelling earbuds.

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