August EP650 Bluetooth Headphones Review

August EP650 Bluetooth Headphones

August EP650 Bluetooth Headphones

Sound Quality

9.0 /10


9.2 /10


9.4 /10


9.0 /10


8.5 /10

What We Like

  • Available in cheap price.
  • Worth to money.
  • Additional features like NFC, aptx, Bluetooth and wire mode are available.
  • Appropriate for bass heads.
  • Control button available.

What We Don\'t

  • Inappropriate for audiophile
  • LED indicator can be annoying.

August EP650 Bluetooth Headphones : Introduction

The August EP650 are considered as ideal Bluetooth headphones. Usually the music lovers are looking for the headphones that are comfortable in use and are deep bass. Both these qualities are available with these headphones. Though we may not compare them with the high end headphones available in the market but are super cheap in price. Bluetooth headphones are normally high in price, but these headphones cost low and produce effective results.

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August EP650 folded headphones are supported by 3.5mm audio cable. It also contains the micro-USB to USB charging cable which can be used for music too. A user manual is also delivered with the packing which helps the user to understand the functions added in this headphone set.

August EP650 : Features

The charge time of these headphones is approximately 2 hours and they can be used for up to 10 hours after one-time charging. This is very much time considering that a constant music lover himself prefers to use the headphones for not more than two hours in one session. There is no doubt in the claim that there are devices which are available in the market have much more battery timing but considering the natural limit of the common man, 10 hours is a long time. They will last you longer than the whole work time even if you work 8 hours a day. For such a low price, you can’t really expect better battery, this would surely increase their price.

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August EP650 earphones are available in comparatively cheap price and worth to the price. They have additional features including folding, NFC, aptX, Bluetooth, wired mode. These have good bass heavy sound and are recommended for bass heads.

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Noise Cancellation

The foamy headset is likely to restrict the noise outside the headphone. But the noise isolation is not active it is of passive nature. If you like noise cancellation, we have Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds and Noise Cancelling headphones.


These headphones are classified as over-ear but it is a fact that the ear-cups are small. The width of the earcups may cause problems with the persons having long ears. So, it is advised that if you are aware of the shape of your ears, then do try them before purchasing. For other users, the earpads are very comfortable and can be used for long hours without causing much irritation.

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August EP650 Bluetooth Headphones : Durability

The headphones are made up of exceptionally good material. The lasting finish gives durability to the product. The product is crafted of flexible plastic with genuine matte finish that adds to the worth of the product. It must also be kept in mind that this product is available in many colors. Here is a list of most durable earbuds if durability matters for you.


The Bluetooth used in this device is that of 4.1 latest versions. It helps you get connected with any device without any hazard or irritation. Most of the Bluetooth companies are using this technology so it becomes easy to get connected with the multiple devices. The high-tech Bluetooth is not much costly as far as the performance of this headphones set is concerned. Normally the headphones are connected to a range of 33 feet. These are equally compatible in this sense as well.

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August EP650 Headphones : Sound

The standard of sound produced by these headphones is exceptionally good. The heavy bass used in these headphones really surprises the music lovers and they do regard it as one of their finest choice.

There is no doubt that the mids and highs are quite clear and detailed in non-bassy songs, but if the bass is present it will overpower other ranges. The bass has a lot of density and at times it’s a bit muddy. But as long as you understand these are budget headphones, they, in fact, sound better than many headphones 2 times the price. The additional quality of these phones is that these headphones support the aptx code.

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Since August EP650 Bluetooth headphones are made up of plastic structure so they prove to be lightweight. This feature helps you while you are in a mode to wear them for a long time. They produce decent passive noise isolation. It must be kept in mind that the sound will get leaked if you keep volume exceptionally high. To avoid this, one must maintain the level of the volume. Overall, August EP650 are a decent set of earphones in economical price.

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