Beats Powerbeats 2 Wireless Earbuds Review

Beats Powerbeats 2


Sound Quality










What We Like

  • Very stable fit
  • Very comfortable for long duration.
  • Good battery life
  • Bassy sound signature,
  • Good for sports

What We Don\'t

  • Durability is a gamble.
  • Pricey

Beats Powerbeats 2: Introduction

Beats is a brand that has climbed quickly in popularity. Since the 2000s we have seen more and more of what these headphones can do. With a well-earned reputation of making premium products, helped along by being part of Apple’s ecosystem, their models are just everywhere. And now, they’re in sports, where you can see LeBron James using headphones that have a little B on the outer side. With the Powerbeats series, they seek to attend to the needs of those that work out daily. The Beats Powerbeats 2 Wireless Earbuds, the second model in the series, may be pricier than other alternatives, but you’re paying for quality, and they deliver.


Beats Powerbeats 2 Wireless

Noise cancellation:

There is no active noise cancellation feature in these earphones but at high volume, you may get passive noise isolation.

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Powerbeats 2 Features:

The ear hook design of Powerbeats 2 is perfect for sports as they guarantee a stable fit without adjusting. The ear tips come in four different sizes so you can find the best for you, the ones that don’t slide out. The possible drawback is that the noise isolation isn’t that good because Beats wanted them to have good environmental awareness. The battery life isn’t anything to write home about at six hours of playtime per full charge, but then again it isn’t bad either. The good side though is that they charge fast and that 15 minutes of charge will give you 1 hour of usage. This is perfect for when you forgot to charge your headphones and are in a hurry.  As for accessories, they have a hard zippered carrying case, four different sizes of ear tips, a cinch to manage the excess cable, and the charging cable.

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Since Beats Powerbeats 2 are pretty light comfort is one of the things you don’t have to worry about. Moreover, you could even forget it all together, forget you’re wearing them after a few hours. As long as you find the right size these won’t irritate or cause any type of discomfort. And if you’re still encountering comfort problems, you can always replace them, which is a point in favor for in-ear monitors.

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Powerbeats 2 Wireless Earbuds are IPX4 rated, which means water and sweat protection. So, durability wise, these are pretty good. They might not stand too much abusing, but you should still be able to use them for a few years. However, some users report that the earbuds or the battery stop working after a few months. So, it seems like the durability is pretty much a gamble. These have in-line controls to control your calls and music and they don’t have the moisture issue the newer version has.

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These headphones are compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device in a range of 30ft. Keep in mind that it depends on where you’re using them. If space is wide open the range might be a little more, but if there are walls and other things in the middle the range might be a little less and they could even disconnect.


The bass-heavy Beats sound signature is perfect for bass heads. It’s so strong in fact that it overpowers the other ranges. When they shine through, the mids and highs are clean and sound pretty good, the low ranges are still the center of the songs. If you want a more balanced sound, you’ll have to go elsewhere to find it. And you get Beats-quality sound, which might be a drawback if you’re an audiophile. When it comes to headphones for sports these are really one of the best choices.  Either way, a strong bass is what most athletes want in a pair of headphones. It’s not just a matter of making music fun to listen to, the bass helps you keep the pace and rhythm, and it seems to give you the extra boost of energy you need when you’re on your last rep. The Powerbeats 2 may have a sound sync error when playing videos, but this is not an issue anymore as it has been fixed in the new firmware update.

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Screenshots of Powerbeats 2:

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For a decent price, not too steep and not too low, you get some great features. You get durability and IPX rating, crucial for an athlete as well as for anyone that uses their headphones daily. You get a stable and comfortable fit set of earphones. Overall, durable headphones with good sound quality.

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