Best Bluetooth Earbuds for Running 2018 (Runners’ Choice)

Technology advancement is raising demands on daily basis within last few years. At this stage, one of our most necessity is a nice and sober set of earphones. Selection of best bluetooth earbuds for running is not a piece of cake as it requires a proper check and review of a user, you cannot just enter a shop and buy any pleasant looking earphones.

The purchasing process is a lot more complex, you need to have awareness of some of the most exceptional and considerably luxurious earphones. Not only apparently but also functionally as competition is growing rapidly, globally. Fortunately more competitive and luxurious in function earphones provide us with the experience of considering some of the fruitful features that are:

  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Style
  • Quality and pitch of sound
  • Earbud fitting
  • Special innovative features
  • And its benefits and demerits.

List of Best Wireless Earbuds for Running

A review of seven different types of best bluetooth earbuds for running are listed below, highlighting the above-mentioned features:

1: Jaybird X2 Bluetooth

Jaybird X2 are modified Jaybird BlueBuds X ruled remarkably for a short span in the market of Bluetooth sports category. Apparently the new model is not much different as its looks are same with slight change in material, ear wings are bit softer and battery is slightly better, while there is now colour options availability, sound quality, clarity is same with a stable amount of bass along with this the main difference is we get Comply tips in original packaging. If you get a chance to buy original Jaybird BlueBuds X you do will save some money while X2 model is somewhat better but worth the price difference.

Jaybird X2 Bluetooth - best Wireless earbud for running

Just like with Bluebuds X, the X2 fit is great and stick to your ear. Just find the right size of ear wing and the right way to put them up, exercises, weight lifting will never be a problem. Long-time usage ensures you improved softer ear wings. What doesn’t change is noise isolation, its average for earbuds depends upon the ear tips you use. But you do hear some noise from surroundings. It is positive when you are in public place and need to hear the environment for safety purpose.

As Jaybird X2 provide Comply tips in original package which is a pleasant improvement. Comply tips supports earbuds to become comfortable, fit and relaxing and are perfectly suited for a long time running a marathon. As well as its sound quality is same as previous model Bluebud X, it produces high-quality clear sound with nice bass. Though hard-core bass isn’t provided but jaybird sports Bluetooth headphones provides best sound quality than its competitors. Moreover, it provides sweat resistance but not yet proven.

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Jaybird X2 also offers sweat resistance warranty with improved sweat resistant function in X2 model so if your jaybird stops working and you think sweat is the reason contact the company and customer care services will satisfy you either way. But your ear buds could survive for over a year if you take good care of your earbuds. You can also control songs without using devices by control buttons for volume, it is now common in Bluetooth headphones. Bluetooth got an average range of about 30ft depending on obstacles connecting with the device. X2 don’t have aptX support but the battery power is upgraded than the previous model which had to reduce of battery life issue. Its battery life is fine and works perfectly around 1 year after that retention capacity will lose.

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2: Beats Powerbeats 2: Best Sports Earbuds for Running

One of the most famous and attractive beats headphones includes Powerbeats 2 Wireless Earbuds. It is according to your expectations regarding Bluetooth sports earbuds, as Lebron James uses them during his exercises. Though they are costly but they are stable for sports activities, as well as long lasting comfortable with a battery life of 6 hours and great sound quality.

Although its durability is not at peak point but it gives you perfect and stable fit even during forceful actions or exercises like yoga, weight lifting, running etc, size is not a problem as its ear hooks are fit for every ear bud but their noise isolation is not effective as Beats wanted an environmental friendly earbuds, for surroundings awareness.

Powerbeats 2 Wireless In-Ear Earbuds for running

You can easily attend calls, change songs and volume with in-line control and microphone wherever you are, the Beats gives the great quality of carrying accessories with the package are safe and protective. Leaning on to reliability Powerbeats 2 Wireless are light weight and comfortable earbuds as long as you got the right size of ear tips you will never feel any discomfort or hurting earbuds. With a fine kick of comfort, you can have it for a long time as their durability is quite great because of IPX4 water and sweat resistance.

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Many people complain about a battery that it stops after a few months but until you have committed user they can survive with you for few years or so. Its Bluetooth range is 30ft standard but depends on the wall in between. But the battery life is sharp 6 hours with 15 minutes boost up charging which gives around an hour of playtime, unfortunately, Powerbeats 2 cannot be used in aptX supported devices.

The sound quality is best for heavy bass lovers as sometimes it overshadows other ranges, its high and low notes are sharp and clear but if you appreciate balanced music then go for Jaybird X2. Power beats sometimes give sounds sync error in case of videos but a firmware update will minimise the issue. The bassy music lovers with high-quality comfort zone will enjoy using Powerbeats 2 wireless.

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3: Plantronics BackBeat Fit:

One of the most well-known wireless Bluetooth sports headphones is Plantronics BackBeat Fit. They are also appreciable in exercising, weight lifting, jogging, and squats and cross fits.  It offers a complete combination of stability and comfort with a long-lasting function which attracts customers to choose Plantronics as well as fine pricing makes the customer consider sports Bluetooth category of Plantronics. Similarly, they are also best for workouts, yoga and heavy exercise. Their fit function is firm with behind the neck headband. Its ear hook design keeps the earbud fit in your ears even while doing heavy activities.

Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones

Plantronics Backbeat Fit are complete sports headphones providing environmental friendly noise isolation for surrounding awareness and safety purposes. It guarantees lightweight design comfort and reliable to use, the design does not hurt your earbuds and there is no chance of scratching your skin, the point is just to wear them properly.

The BackBeat is made of rubber and plastic material which is flexible enough to provide you comfort zone according to you expectations during sports activity. They also offer protection in case of sweat and water with its feature of nano coating (IPX7 certified). BackBeat issues best quality of safety and care as none of its weak points are found, they can render their services for you for many years.

They assure you compatibility with Bluetooth devices among them android and iPhone is most suited. Bluetooth connection is great along with the standard range of 30ft, while with other devices it could lead to 50ft. average battery time is 6;8 hours but depends on the volume you are playing and the phone calls you are taking.

For smartphone devices soft carrying bags are available which can also be used as armbands moreover, the sound quality is balanced but bass is not as deep and the sound is not of top quality. The high and low notes are lacking the depth and crispness in the music, BackBeat is more supported in harsh sports environments.

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4: Treblab XR100: Best Sport Headphones

Treblab XR100 is one to get if you want a Bluetooth sports wireless headphone in cheap price for exercise kind of purposes with the high quality of comfort for long runs, extended battery life, earbud fit, and clear sound quality but it does require aptX music device and also higher end products are better. Looking at its fit stability it provides big ear hooks same as the Powerbeats 2 so running, squats and sprints with fit earbuds will not be a problem.

Treblab XR100 - Best Sport Headphones

Though noise isolation is normal and balanced with absorption function of irritating noises, besides bass is not heavy. Treblab XR100 is light weight and comfy, it offers 6 ear tips pair with 3 regular size and 3 foam tips which are suitable for the long run as well as sweat resistant and long lasting as it is made of high-quality plastic with great assembling its wires are flexible and flat.

The main point is it gives 1 year of manufacturing warranty the control options are attractive as it has built in control based on intuitive and by pressing the earbuds you can control songs, pause, change volume and accept calls and also noise cancelling function.  The carrying case consists of zipper available in the package along with charging cable. Consist of Bluetooth 4.1 with an average range of 30ft which reduces in the case of obstacles.

The battery is 9 hours of playtime on a full charge as it is used in sports and exercises. In the meanwhile their sound quality is nice and supports aptX devices but most of the iPhone, as well as androids, do not have aptX and its presence affects the sound positively, but overall sound pitch is overwhelming and bass is enhanced the high and low notes are detailed such that the minute instrumental range is so pleasant that you can judge every single tune in the music. As compared to higher end sports headphones its sound quality is a bit differ. If you want strong bass earphones and affordable, go for Treblab XR100.

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Best Earbuds for Running (Wired Earbuds)

1: Bose SoundSport In-Ear Earbuds: Best Running Earbuds for Marathon Race:

The new Bose SoundSport in-ear headphones are called as ‘runner earbuds’ and provides you with the exact demands you are paying for. They are a complete package of stable fit, comfort, strong bassy sound quality and sweat proof style. Though it’s costly but it provides you fit without adjustments and comfort even in marathon running with no fear of sweat and water damage as well as they provide safety precautions by building low noise isolated product. They are not cheap but called as the signature sound for strong bass lovers but not good for those who want balanced bass music.

Bose SoundSport In-Ear Sport Earbud

The fit of Bose Soundsport is cool as it gives 3 sizes of silicone ear wings which help you to sprint and exercise without any trouble of adjustment. Though these earbuds are little simplistic than in-ear monitors and help in environment awareness. It does not get deep in our ears because of lowered noise isolation so you can hear your surroundings.

They are well known for making comfortable earphones, especially during marathons as it is quite a hard task the earbuds are of light weight and tips are made of soft silicone which makes it perfect and soothing for running. Meanwhile, you do not have to worry about sweat and water as it consists of plastic and rubber protected wires which enhance its durability, physically. As well as they could survive even in the rain until you don’t throw them around while using them decently.

The remote controls are intuitive and changing of songs, volume and accepting calls is easy and relaxing. Available models are of 2 kinds and the cheaper one doesn’t have an in-line remote, do keep in mind the type of device you are using whether its iPhone or Android.  Sound quality is great as it contains Bose sound signature, with enhanced bass and balanced and clear high and low notes.

Heavy bass produces nice rhythm with some details of the instrument, every instrument gives you separate feel and pleasure if you are music demanding person Bose is best to get. Since its not original IEM, the microphone is non-existent means cables will not make noises while flapping. Being the best-wired earphones Bose SoundSport provides you with a complete package of comfort, fit, reliability and bassy music.

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2: Sennheiser CX 685: Sports In-Ear Earbuds:

Among so many Sennheiser sports earbuds CX 685 is an older model but still the best one to choose though its price is quite high but it gives you super fit, great noise isolation, comfort, and the perfect amount of durability with water and sweat resistance. But it has medium sound quality and lacking vital bass also not so good mic.

Sennheiser CX 685 Adidas Sports In-Ear Headphones

With Sennheiser CX 685 you got 3 types of ear tips along with different sizes but not much variety of tips it provides, its surprisingly fit earphones got stuck comfortably in your earbuds how much ever heavy activity or exercise you perform. It has also an environmental friendly noise isolation function as compared to Shure SE215, providing for safety reasons. It consists of a standard cable with a plug but it gets a slightly negative point that is it lacks no in-line control and chin slider, the absence of chin slider is quite to be noticed because it helps in cable control. Thinking about comfort then CX 685 running Earbud is not comfortable for a longer period of time, it can last up to 2-3 hours which is helpful for marathon runners they are also light in weight but the ear wing is weak but a bit soft.

Besides that they are sweat and water resistant even you can wash them to get the ear wax off and their manufacturing quality is very high, its L-plug has the capacity to survive against hard sports activities but generally, they are long lasting sports earbuds for running.

Furthermore, their sound quality is ordinary what lacking is the proper depth of bass, people who want right tempo of heavy bass I will not suggest you buy this one bass could be achieved by air tight fit without which you lost the frequency. But for those who enjoy the light and balanced bass will love to have this during their activities, the strength of high and low notes of music could not be compared with Shure SE215. If a stable fit and high-quality water protection are your priority you must go with the Sennheiser CX 685.

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3: Yurbuds Inspire 100: Running Earbuds for Females

Yurbud inspire 100 is originally designed for women who have small earbuds, they are designed by JBL and available in funky colours as they are for girls. But they also available for man-friendly in black colour but in the case of budgets, they are affordable and easy to buy with a stable fit comfort though its sound quality is weak and lack of carrying bag but they are comfortable enough to go for them.

Yurbuds Inspire 100 Running Earbuds for Females

Yurbuds introduces a new way to insert earbuds with a twist lock technology like you twist and lock in your ear canals. It can easily be used as workouts, yoga, running without falling out. The design is made according to the environment absorption with not much noise isolation. They are meant to be used externally so they are made like that for safety purposes. They provide a comfort zone to smaller ears but they have comfortable and soft ear tips but some women are still complaining about the fit but this is a famous product used by every woman.

It gets long lasting and perfectly sweats and water resistant as women used to sweat heavily. Its build quality is so so. As they could have used a better quality of the material but they lasts for quite a long time. Their durability according to the budget is great. Although while running there is no control or mice to use. You are going to face some difficult time by buying this low price earbud but its sound quality is good and ordinary but its great enough to enjoy while exercise but the sound quality cannot be compared with Shure SE215 or SoundMAGIC E30, but its bass gives a person a nice kick and pleasant tempo in songs but for music explosion in ear lovers will not like to have them.

According to their prices, they have great sound quality as compared to those with the same price. If you want a stylish and funky ear fit, comfortable earbuds you must buy your buds inspire 100.

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4: Shure SE215:

Shure SE215 are the best kind of earbuds in the market overall. They offer affordable prices with a great amount of comfort, reliability, stable fit and long lasting lifetime and finally the sound quality. They may not be authorised sports earbuds but if you want a high-quality sound while your exercises they are best to get. Their manufacturing is perfectly built for every type of sports.

Shure SE215 Earbuds

Shure SE215 gives a complete package of stable fit with memory wire, carrying case with a great selection of ear tips, amazing noise isolation with right ear tips. Called as the most durable in the market, Strong bass with audiophile proved but the boring thing is its unusual design.  Just learn to put the earphones in a right way and exercises, running and workouts is not a problem because they got in-ear fit and memory wire.

Its noise isolation is amazing also one of the best kind basically there is an air tight seal in right ear wing which does not allow any noise to enter.  While on the other side environmental awareness is bad as you cannot hear from the outside world and in the case of going outside it is very dangerous. Shure provides great comfortable ear tips but you have a choice to choose from the original package. Shrue olives are the best among them as they provide ear tips with optimal comfort and isolation. Moreover, they are light in weight like you hardly feel them while running or doing any exercise, this is one of the nice comforts.

In addition to this Shrue are made up of high-quality plastic which makes them light in weight, its long lasting feature is the detachable cables like sometimes cable gets damaged and you have to change the earphones this model gives you cable to attach whenever a new one is needed. They will render their purpose to you until or unless you look after the drivers and casings working. They are not originally sweating protectors while water resistance was proved after getting a complaint from someone of washing it and still surviving.

Shure has no in-line controls and mice. But the cable available with in=line control and mice is quite expensive but they are detachable with the earbuds. The main positive point is it includes songs and sounds which minimize the price issue by the user. Furthermore, its bass is enhanced and boosts up every song while high and low notes got some issues regarding clarity detailing etc if you want to get the industrial leading headphones Shure SE215 gives you high quality of sound, fit, comfort to enjoy every glimpse of music.

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 5: Soundmagic E30:

The soundmagic E30 headphone is a complete offer to get at a very cheap price as compared to Shure SE215, they are considered as the great music running earphones, along with an audiophile sound quality. They are very affordable and gives you a stable fit, in-ear monitor budget, great variety of ear tips but its drawbacks include low durability, no in-line control. These are best option to get when you don’t have enough money for expensive headphones.

Soundmagic E30 In-Ear Earphones

Its fit is stable by memory wire as compared to any other sports headphones. Soundmagic is not genuinely made for exercise and running earbuds but they still offer fit for fast activities. Though it gets comfort after a short time of inserting in an ear but if you manage to get an ear tip of your size and learn to put them up you will experience great stability.

When you get a proper ear tip thinking about its sound quality, Soundmagic E30 Earbuds got weak noise isolation as they don’t completely hack the sound outside but it provides the isolation enough to hear your own music pleasantly and workout passionately.

Its comfort also depends on ear tips, Soundmagic E30 Earbud gives 7 different sizes of ear tips for every type of ear , if your ear got a different ear hook you have lots of choices to get, they have complied tips so new ear tips are not required as comply tips enhances the comfort and fit and offer a nice manufacturing with lack of sweat proof feature but still they cope up with you for 2-3 years if thinking it as a cheaper one but still gives great fit and comfort due to its great build quality they level of survival is more.

Their controls features are quite near like our MP3 but they don’t have in-line control but you do get a handy short clip with the original package it is quite uncomfortable during running. They are great but don’t offer any special extraordinary feature but they are affordable so who rejects to try them. It offers a great sound quality with heavy bass which does not overshadow the other instrumental ranges it also has treble which is balanced with clear and accurate music.

They don’t have any feature to mould the sound and in fact, you can hear them in their original form well as long as they are not stressful you can have them in your marathon. Its mic is nice but touching to your clothes reduces the quality but without audiophile, you can enjoy clear, and fine sound quality earphones at affordable prices.

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6: MEE audio Sport-Fi M6: Best Cheap Earbuds for Running

The best earbud for running and in the budget are the MEE audio Sport-Fi M6 Earbuds you can get so many earphones with special sounding, great building features and comfortable but at a cheap price, these earphones gives you all of this at such a low price. They are for normal runners not for marathon runners as they give a pleasant music so spending lot of money is not needed if you are also a normal runner and want to have a nice set of earphones which gives you soothing music for an hour or so. They are one of the well-known earbuds in the market for their affordable price and also their multipurpose, they are not only for sports use but for every type of activity. Though its new model is introduced but its price is double of MEEIetronics sports Fi M6.

MEE audio Sport-Fi M6 Earbuds

It has a very stable fit, you just have to make effort at the beginning to wear earbuds and adjusting the memory ear hooks. In the offer, there is a selection of 6 different ear tips among which you have to choose the interesting part is when you try all of the ear tips and notice the raise and downfall of noise isolation. Its sound isolation is better but is provides the service enough to hear the music pleasantly in a crowded gym or any crowded area. Meanwhile, you can select earbud sizes which have low noise isolation, less fitting for external use but it is positive in a way that you must have to know about your surrounding when you are outside for safety purpose also.

6 different ear tips give you the comfort of every level. But you can also get the Comply tips for accurate comfort and noise isolation if that is your first priority. For runners these earphones are best for them memory ear hooks are a little bit softer but need some moulding but when they come to the right position they provide you better comfort. M6 are IPX5 water and sweat resistant that means you can easily use them at anywhere in any situation whether it’s a marathon or rain. A better build headphones will always protect sweat and water. They are made of strong rubber and its wires are thin the splitter which is of plastic is not made up of plastic but replaced with L-plug.

MEEIetronics consist of two models, one of them is regular M6 and the other one is M6P. M6 do not have in-line control and microphones but with the addition of few dollars, you can get M6P. You will get a carrying case which is a bit hard for safety reason along with the package, that casing is fit for every place like even your pocket and also a shirt clip to handle all the accessories. You can get a lot of nice and helpful accessories for budget running in-ear headphones.

One of the great features of MEEIetronics sport-fi M6 is its sound quality. They got a heavy bass sound control but the bass is balanced it does not overpower other instruments instead it is clear. Its high and low notes give you soothing and pleasant effect but sometimes the high notes get bit harsh but do not fatiguing. For a deep tempo bass setting airtight seal is necessary, you can select the ear tips which suits your ear and expectations. In case you don’t want heavy bass you have a choice of so many other earphones with balanced music. No noise is made on touching with clothes and microphones are non-existent. Generally, if you expect to have a warm and pleasant music with deep and heavy bass,  durability, stable fit, and reliable earphones all in one pack in affordable price, MEEIetronics are perfect for you.

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Generally, every earphone whether it’s wireless or wired offers a best of their kind to their consumers, supplies you with features and functions according to your expectations, in the case of any lacking you got a variety of choices to select. Each and every headphone consist of different aspects like stable fit, comfort, sweat resistance, durability, Bluetooth, control, sound quality along with different sizes according to the earbuds of a human being.

You could have them at different prices some of them are cheap and some are costly if you want a luxurious Bluetooth earbud you have a product line of them and for those who cannot afford expensive earphones and want to enjoy nice and pleasant music in isolation which gives you warm and soothing feeling, these headphones are complete package for music lovers, who wants to indulge in a depth of instruments and enjoy their collection of songs while doing their activities such as exercises which includes workouts, aerobics, weight lifting, squats, dunks, and treadmill running, also they are for marathon runners these aspects are quite attractive and easy for sports persons to do heavy exercise in a pleasant manner. One of them is for women and for every type of activity you do. A dedicated and passionate sportsman who wants to have a music along with their tasks would love to have these headphones as they provide a perfect package.

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