The Best Earbuds Under $100 in 2018 with High-End Sound

This is the modern era of technology and we are so busy to hold the phones in our hands or listen music, manually. People prefer to listen music while exercising or travelling or may be while waiting. For this purpose all you need is a nice pair of noise isolated ear buds. Users always and something affordable with good features but comfort is the thing upon which no one can compromise.

1: Shure SE215:

When it comes to headphones, Shure is the first name which comes in our mind. These are highly professional equipment for your hearing. This pair of headphones is the best choice of all musicians around the globe because of its durability and reliability. You feel so comfortable while using this device.

Shure SE215 Earbuds

What we get in the box?

  • User manual
  • Zipper case
  • Headphones with detachable wires
  • pairs of ear tips

Shure SE215 headphones are highly comfortable with its long detachable wire and noise resistant technology. It fits your ears awkwardly first but you use to it after the very first use. There are multiple sizes of replaceable ear tips provide with the ear buds for your comfort. The head phone cord includes memory wire segment which keeps it fix during exercise or walking etc. although it is big in size but if it attaches perfectly, it remains in its place.

Noise isolation of this device is perfect because of its fitting and sound proof ear buds. When it fits properly it blocks nearly 37db of sound.

Despite of its bulky design it is durable. Some people find it difficult to adjust at first but love it later on. It has detachable wires which give it extra bit of durability and it can be easily replaced in case of any damage. This extra benefit distinguishes it from the other devices with in this range of price.  The body and tip of this earphone is resistant to moisture and humidity that’s why it is highly appreciable for exercise.

It is quite reliable in its extra accessories as well. It has carrying pouch, extra ear tips, 3.5mm L-connector which makes it really attractive device to grab the attention. Its three different sizes of ear buds and  cleaning tool is an extra pinch of sugar. There is variety of case designs according to users’ needs and comforts.  The basic models of this device didn’t have in-line control but now in new models, this feature is upgraded. There are only two colors available in ear buds but this can be ignored if you are just concerned about sound quality. Sound quality is extremely well balanced and accurate highs and lows of voices. Not appropriate for bass heads and L-connector is not attached the devices with fat cases.

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2: Sony MDR-XB90EX:

If you are a bass lover then this will be your ultimate choice.  Ex stands for extra bass. Sony is in the top ranking in our ear buds list so it going to be great choice for bass heads.

Sony MDR-XB90EX In-Ear Earbuds

When you open its box, you will get

  • 7 pairs of ear buds
  • Shirt clip
  • Zipper case
  • User manual
  • Sony MDR-XB90EX in-ear ear buds (IEMs)

It is highly comfortable and durable device you will ever find. It has extra ear tips,3.5mm L-connector, nice zipper pouch and tangle free cable give it a strain free sensation. It has good noise isolation because of its super fit, silicon ear buds. Its fit design and comfortable ear tips make it good for long listening session. Although it is not appropriate for exercise, it depends on the fitting and comfort of the user. Its rubberized and tangle free cords give it extra reliability and long life. Its zipper case is also good and having extra pockets to keep other ear buds and accessories.

Sound quality of these ear buds is really amazing because of its high bass. This quality makes it captivating for those who love to listen music in hip hop and high bass. Despite of its huge bass presence, the frequency spectrum is well maintained and in-control. All high and low notes are not blurred in high bass. If you are preparing yourself to buy it then you have to order it at once because it takes some time to import from Japan.  Some users may find the high notes, shrilled and extra loud on some devices. MDR_XB90EX does not fall in the category of ideal ear buds because of the presence of this high bass quality and we can consider it as a disadvantage to some extent. Although these ear buds are ideal for using in stage because of this extra boost. These ear buds are affordable as their price range is under $100. Another con of this device is, it doesn’t has any in-line control any way.

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3: ThinkSound MS01:

If you are fond of looks as well as quality then this will be your ultimate choice because it is made up of real wood and aluminum. Its outlook give sit extra benefit and appeal for the users of ear buds. It gives you warm and smooth sensation of flowing sound.

ThinkSound MS01 in-Ear Earbuds

Instant findings within the box:

  • Four pairs of ear buds
  • Think sound MS-01 ear buds
  • Ear hooks
  • Shirt clip
  • Soft carrying pouch and user manual

These ear buds are really comfortable with four pairs of extra silicon ear buds. Its variety of size is also very effective in insertion and fitting for every ear. Ear hooks are extra component which makes them more reliable for less active users. Noise isolation is pretty good and vented dynamic driver means that there is only a little risk of sound leakage.  Some users may prefer more tight fit but its overall fit is a little loose. It is also not appropriate for exercising and rush environments as they are not so tight and can plug out by putting a little more strain and they are sensitive to moist and humid environments also.

Its solid structure with wood and aluminum make it robust and cool at the same time. Its long rubberized cable is tangle free which makes it quite comfortable.  Early models of these ear buds were not as good as compare to new models as the wooden and aluminum parts were joined together and wire was fixed between them. A little extra strain can stretch can break these ends and separate them but now this problem is resolved. Warranty issues are also been very responsive from the manufacturers.

It is eco-friendly with cotton pouch. Sound quality is also really nice, warm and smooth. Highs and lows are mostly clear at any volume frequency. Lows are in controlled and mids are smooth although sometimes a bit problematic in highs. These head phones are not a source of attraction for those who are looking for some extra bass and in-line control. It excels perfectly with the classical music and low bass music instead of the loud one. Old rock and pop may hear a little muddy but modern high notes are quite cleared, most of the times. Most ear buds have the problem that they sound loud and uncomfortable but the extra pair of ear hooks, provided with this device is a good solution for those who suffer from this kind of problem. Its 3.5 mm cord is mostly straight but a little curved from one side to give it strain free look.

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3: HiFiMan RE-400

This is a perfect and worth listening head phones which fits upon that old proverb ‘’real beauty lies in simplicity”. These are sophistical, simple and obvious in their performance. They also have good sound isolation with fixed ear tips, balanced and neutral frequency response, powerful mids and mild lows. So we can say that these are the decent choice of decent people.

HiFiMan RE-400 In Ear headphones

What you get instantly after opening the box:

  • HifiMan RE-400 ear buds
  • Eight pairs of silicon ear buds
  • Shirt clip
  • Hard zipper carrying case
  • User manual

These ear tips are easy and reliable to use because of their variety of sizes in their ear buds. It has eight pairs of silicon ear tips to give it a customized fit for each ear.

Its light weight design and perfect fit gives it noise isolation and comfort to the listeners if they have to listen for a long time. Listeners can wear the wires over or under as they want to listen and cable slider  can adjust the extra wire. In previous versions of this head phone there were lot many issues but now they have been upgraded now and now almost all the loop holes are filled.

The customer service staff of company is very responsive and warranty claims are also effective. Its quality is now been improved to most of the extent. The robust zipper case is also improved. Its aluminum housing design is resistant to sweat and humidity. In-line volume control gives it an extra feature of the ease.

These ear buds are good in their quality and competitive in the market. Highs and lows are cleared without getting blurred and thin. The response of these ear buds is natural and comfortable. This will be the great choice for those who are in search of pleasing sound character. Despite of all the flaws, it is the best product in the terms of their staff cooperation. These head phones are not suitable for the bass lovers.

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4: Brainwavz M2:

If you want to get bet quality in affordable price then you are going to love it. These ear buds are not only eco-friendly but their medium base and sturdy construction is also attractive. Their mid-range price is a source of captivation. These ear buds have medium bass control and resistant to humidity and moisture.

Brainwavz M2 in-ear Headphones

Accessories in the box:

  • Brainwavz M2 ear buds
  • shirt clips
  • ear hangers
  • semi hard case
  • replacement ear buds tips
  • user manual

These earbuds are quite comfortable for you to use. They offer you a good hold although they do not  set very deep inside your ear. The hold of these ear buds is as good as you can easily carry them while jogging or exercising. This feature is available within this affordable price. Some people may complain for the non-fitting problem of these ear buds if they have narrow canal but if a person has wide ear canal then they can easily fit him. Same problem will be suffered in case of exercising although they are moist proof but if they are not fit properly in your ears then t might be a problem for you to carry them while exercising and moving around.

Their strong built and durable wires are made to last with you for a couple of years. It has 50 inch durable and rubberized cord which is quite an attractive feature for quality lovers. It also has nice and robust carry bag with metal holders. Its tangle free cord,  y-shaped and strain free connector are not at all look cheap as its price. Sometimes people feel a single draw back in its construction that its y-split cinch is overstrained but one can push it again with the help of finger. Its overall presentation and construction is impressive but they don’t have capability for port in devices as Bluetooth or in line volume control. This feature makes them a contemporary pair of ear buds.

They have also given the solution of their every problem like if the ear buds are not fitting you properly then these extra pairs of ear buds in your box will help you in any way. Same in the case with the second problem that if ear buds are slipping from your ears while exercising, ear hangers can aid you.

These small ear buds are quite good in their sound delivery and amusement. Bass is not so cleared in some genres of music. It has high quality sound feature but not for those who are bass heads as they are low in price yet they are giving good quality. Some users mostly complain about it bass as they feel it muddy and dark. If the user is not prone to listen music on high notes then this will not be a culprit any more but if you consider as the hip hop friendly ear buds then opt for another one.  Mid sounds are well balanced on these ear buds but low notes and hip hop is mostly blurred and dark. Along with all its pros and cons I must say that if you want something good in low price then these ear buds are suitable for you.

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5: Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear:

The momentum series are for bass lovers with its high bass capacity and light weight, attractive design. Although they are not fit for audiophiles but they are ideal for sonic delivery. The very first and unique thing in these aer buds is their distinguished design and construction. They are light weight and have perfect fit for long listening session. Its silicon ear tips make them noise isolated pair of ear buds but sometimes people want more noise isolation as they already have.

Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear Earbuds

What we get in its box are:

  • User manual
  • Momentum ear buds
  • Extra pairs of silicon ear tips
  • Shirt clip

Its silicon ear buds are quite comfortable because of its light weight structure. Its construction is unique as its ear cuffs are made up of stainless steel which make it look elegant. Strain free cable is provided to you by the small plastic hoop which is amazingly light weight and doesn’t add extra mass. Although it is moist resistant but it is no way water proof.

Momentum in-ear buds also gives warranty for two years. Its in-line remote, slim l-plug, compact case and oval design make it more attractive for the users. Its neoprene case gives it a stylish look and sleek finish. Although these ear buds are not giving any kind of extra accessories as others. four different sizes of ear buds are given to you but some users prefer to use foam ear tips instead of these silicon ear tips. The smart 3.5mm jack makes it enough comfortable for daily use.  Its oval shaped design gives it a tangle free and comfortable finish for long listening sessions.

As mentioned earlier that this ear phone is ranked in top for its huge bass and sound effects. Although its overall sound quality is good but sometimes in some genres of music the frequency of sound suddenly falls. Powerful bass is giving it fun element and sounds really good but mids and lows do not respond clear. Noise isolation is average but not too good because of its high bass acceptability. Sennheiser is building quality control accessories and their overall performance and structural features are good. Users are looking forward for the complete package of beauty, performance and elegance.

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6: Etymotic Research MC5:

If you are looking for a pair of ear buds with quality, beauty and some extra surprises, these Etymotic research ear buds are perfect for you. These ear tips are not only cheap in price but also have extra pack of accessories in its box. Etymotic research is a complete package of performance and elegance.

Etymotic Research MC5 in-Ear Earphones

What’s the surprise?

  • Etymotic MC5 in-ear monitors with a 4ft cord
  • Extra filters and filter removal tool
  • Selection of ear bud tips in various sizes and styles
  • Black carrying pouch and shirt clip
  • User manual

These ear buds are comfortable and elegant because of its foam ear tips. It has comfortable fit with tri flanges for long listening sessions. Noise isolation is excellent because of its foamic tips and these tips fit any one. It gives the noise isolation of 32 to 42 db,if fit properly. Its long and tangle fee cable gives it an extra comfort level with in affordable price. It is highly durable because of its solid construction and replaceable filters which ensure you to last more years as compare to other ear buds. Etymotic ear buds gives you two years warranty.

The metal housings are solid and look elegant.  Its strain relief design gives it extra boost for daily use. Users might complain about the displacement of ear tips but if they place shirt clip to aid them, they can easily be fixed. Its accessories are more than you ever imagine: a nice carry bag, extra pairs of ear tips both foam and silicon. Its 8 m neodymium cord sounds big in this affordable price. User can adjust them according to their needs and desire.

Etymotic ear buds give you crystal clear and dynamic sound effects with in the affordable price. They   are warm and dry with reasonable sound effects. Despite of all its reliability they are not very good in lows. The mids and highs are more clear. Overall Etymotic ear buds give you a complete package of quality and affordability with lots of accessories. Its solid and unique design make it elegant and worth listening at the same time.

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So we have tried to give you all the details of comfortable and affordable ear buds. These all ear phone brands are top ten in the ranking because of their best quality and features. We also wish you happy listening and take care of your hearing tools as well. These best earbuds brands under $100 will not only provide you entertainment and ease but also keep your ears safe.

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