Best Headphones under $100 in 2018 (Over-Ear & On-Ear)

Best Headphones under $100 (Over-Ear & On-Ear):

In this globalized world technology has taken over our lives deeply and within the last few decades technology is highly adapted to our lifestyles and become an important factor. Among all these music lovers are increasing on daily basis and competition of industries to produce better and better quality of headphones or earphones is enhancing to gain customer value and trust. A pleasant pair of earphones headphones now everyone’s necessity and finding a one according to your priorities is difficult as variety of headphones are available at the market with lots of features, innovations and luxuries, its not about “does it goes with my device or not?”.

Some of the Premium Quality Best Headphones under $100 are reviewed:

1: Sony MDR-V6 (Top Pick):

Sony MDR-V6 are perfect headphones by Sony since 1985 and they are still in use and demand. They are known for their lasting design and sound quality and the first HI-Fi model. It is also called as the classic model. Among professionals it is one of the most well-known product, also consist of audiophiles it proves its time value itself.

Sony MDR-V6 Headphones

Sony MDR-V6 provides you with a perfect package composed of earpads which can be replaced, coiled cable, perfect sound quality and clarity and used for gaming and music but its long cable is suitable for internal use and the replaceable earpads need to change withing sometime. You can have sony MDR V6, 3mm adapter and user manual along with the package.

Its design and size is perfect for adults and built for long-term use because of studio purpose earpads issue will bother some people. The closed- back earpads enhance the noise isolation function like studio headphones.

They are made up of the metal headband with cushioning protection and lasting plastic earcups. Some people are using them for 25 years which is not a small thing to say. The flaw is the earpads they start to peel off while after a heavy use earpads fabric also begin to peel off but the replacement option is present.

They provide you better storage options, one is its folding feature but for taking it somewhere you get the carrying case too. The cable is long and coiled (3m) and can extend to a better distance and then shrink back but the cables jumble little bit.

The sound quality is amazing, it has clarity, detailing of every instrument and balanced. The bass is smack, and deep. The high are bit buzzy and lows are crisp and balanced. Any kinds of music you can hear as well as for gaming due to soundstage feature.

Get Sony MDR if you want durable, affordable, and vintage and antique design headphones for your usage.

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The Audio-Technica ATH-M50 range is considered as the best headphones among all. They offer pro quality monitoring for less than many more consumer-centered headphones will cost. Its price so high but ATH-M40 is quite cheap but it gives sound quality equal to the expensive model.

AUDIO-TECHNICA ATH-M40X Professional Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-M50 got clarity and detailing in sound quality and highly comfortable. Moreover, they are long lasting and called as to be the ideal headphones for monitoring services. But their bass is not so heavy and the case is not available and the cables are different from other brands so you cannot exchange them.

You will get a carrying bag and the warranty card when open the box. Then there will be headphones packed in a secure sheet along with the two audio cables 3.5mm and a brochure for usage guidelines.

The STH-M50x is available in a few different colour choices. The headphones are matte black with silvery grey highlights for Audio Technica logo. Comfort is highly concerned and they are designed for long term use and you won’t feel any fatigue ear headache and the headband is not heavy. The earcups freely move. As they are big and only a pouch is available for storage and the pricing is low, so this could be a problem.

As ATH-M40X are designed with one and only purpose and that is the music listening so there are no Bluetooth, no microphone, and no remote. The two cables instantly give a click of one standard cable and the other for remote, but you get a coiled cable along with straight standard cable. Cables are 3.5mm and also a locking connector at the end of headphone this is quite convenient because it keeps the cable firm, a coiled cable is best for that.

Sound quality:

The main difference between ATH-M40x and ATH-M50x is the size of the driver. This model’s driver size is 40mmin size while the other was 45mm and this a not a big difference to notice. While testing of ATH-M50x the main purpose was the accuracy, and the audio files were played through Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 audio interface. You can have wide options of music genres.

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3: Sennheiser HD558:

Sennheiser is known for their consistently high-quality headphones and the model Sennheiser HD558 is an exceptional one. This model is available in $100 and provides close to audiophile quality. This model consists of refinement of and soundstage type of quality of music and movies.

Sennheiser HD558 Headphones

Sennheiser consist of a wide and broad range of soundstage and large ear pad cases, the length of cable is around 9ft and the sound quality is clear and frequency is great and balanced. The bass is rich and heavy and audiophile. But the weight is more than other headphones, and noise isolation is weak, moulded into ¼ connector cable and require adapter for a portable device of 3.5mm jacks. Along with package, you will receive a warranty card, ¼ connector with 3.5mm jack, and cable of length 9ft. and a 3.5mm adapter.

The earpad covers the ear and gives you a nice blast of music, also you could wear them for a long period of time comfortably. Though they would be little tight at first use and then they are bit heavier than other designs but their comfort level is great. This model has weak noise isolation when you hear songs at higher volume it is found mostly in open-back headphone designs. The overall design is light in weight.

The Sennheiser HD558 is made with good quality of plastic so their manufacturing quality is good enough to survive for long. The headband design is made so smartly that there are no hinges and pivot points so they are not portable.

They provide a high quality of music listening with slight leakage of sound as they are open back designs. Generally, the design of the headphones are a bit low but you will not feel cheap while having them. With the high-end audio driver, you can enjoy a high quality of components.

Sennheiser renders overwhelming sound quality, the sound is clear, natural and with audiophile-grade quality. And detailing are great as you can hear every string of instruments and a nice crisp in music. The bass is quite tough and responsive. The listening experience enhances with wide and soundstage quality. It has a capacity of usage of 100-200 hours. They are considerably best-sounding headphones.

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4: Sennheiser Urbanite on Ear Headphones : 

The word urbanite tells all its function, this model is made for young music lovers. It has enhanced bass and the design is different. Simple Sennheiser is not a good option but Sennheiser urbanite is a better set to buy. Our youth always prefer a heavy and bumpy bass they can sacrifice clarity and details for that.

Sennheiser Urbanite on-Ear Headphones

Sennheiser Urbanite has a great range and treble with a right amount of bass, highly dynamic and comfortable and stylish. But the headband lacks the firmness it slips a bit, and there is no ¼ inch adapter.

When you take the package the image in the pack does not attract but when you open it up it’s a great product and will get vibes of luxury. The kick of plastic with metallic and precision in the stitching of borders of the headband is exceptional. The other objects available in the box are flat and tangled headphone cables, but headphones must come up with ¼ inch TRS adapter.

It has a connecting cable to connect with devices. But its quality of being persistent exempt the possibility of breakage. It also consists of in-line control microphones and in-class noise cancelling microphone which is quite an effective feature.  The earcups have gone through some tests and the outcome was smooth and great.

When you open a box they will not look comfortable but on the use they are the most comfortable headphones. The first concern was the headband cushion style as some think it is same like Beats. There is a mild problem with the crown pressure but the re-positioning feature minimizes it. The other concern was that this is not a workout headphone. But urbanite is best to pick up.

Urbanite not just introduces a bass boost feature but also modified the voice quality. Rather listening to 320kbs music and CD rips you can enjoy a high quality of dynamic music. The detailing are great. You can hear harmonics, vocals, brass and all. But the bass is the hero of the urbanite. Passive noise isolation is strong and built in microphone is best in class. And yes their microphones sounds great too.

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5: Plugged Crown Headphones:

Plugged crowns headphones are considered to be the most stylish headphones, available in affordable price. Their scratch resistant feature is really helpful as well as the sound quality has to boost up.

Plugged Crown Headphones

Plugged crown is available in amazing prices and are light in weight but sometimes cable kinks up, but the bass boom crowds some of the instruments. The noise isolation is strong enough to leak out no sound outside.

The box is made with a heavy-gauge cardboard box, invisible magnetic clas and a serving of a great headphone, its not like you are having it in $100 so it would be boring. When you open a box you get an iPhone or android control cable along with a microphone. A pair of the crown, heavy gauge zipper, but there is no adapter. It has some hints of Beats brand but the color and finishing are different. This one is more attracting and stylish.

They fulfill the phrase simply is better, I used to get the sore crown when used for a long time a well-balanced amount of clamping force gives grip to headphones around the ears where they get soft and secure fit. The crown can adjust smoothly and stable fit. Their noise isolation is strong and great.

Though they are $100 headphones but they deliver feature amazingly like they give a punch to deep bass hits, truthful vocals, treble with detailing and the sparkle and refinement of music. The pop music listeners will bother a little bit because of mid bass bump. Generally, the crown is great and their focus customer is busy, energetic, powerful and stylish people. If you want an audiophile then go for the plugged crown.

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Each and every headphone shadows a nice and great music quality along with an interesting factor that is an affordable price, who don’t want to listen to high-quality music in just a few dollars like $100. And in a world where music has a great and separate place in the heart of the people and increased competitive environment where you have so many options to get what you need, you can have every high-quality headphone with a little research. Everyone wants to hear the music in depth, where you can enjoy the instruments deeply, like each and every string of instrument whether its harmonica, guitar, piano or the vocals. These headphones got the best functions and features for their customers to offer.

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