Best Headphones Under 50$ in 2018 to Suit your Budget

Companies have become very competitive when it comes to quality of earbuds these days while consumers look for best headphones under $50 that can fit in their budget. Many people don’t see the point of spending way too much money on headphones but at the same time don’t want to compromise on quality. This list has been made for those people. The features, sound quality and durability of different best headphones under $50 have been mentioned in this list. The headphones in this list have all been made by reputable brands so you are getting a premium brand at an affordable price.

1: JVC HA-RX700

Why should you choose these earphones? Well, to start they are very lightweight and weigh just 11.6 ounces, with large pads for your ears. They are very affordable that is why the made the list. So here we discuss some of its features and the sound quality. If you’re looking for a great performance at an affordable price when choosing closed-back headphones, the JVC HA-RX700 is a great option. They offer a great design and a comfortable fit.You have to keep in mind that they have been built for comfort.

JVC HA-RX700 Headphones



  • You are getting a very high-quality build at an affordable price.
  • It has a pretty good sound.


  • Feels bulky on the head

These headphones come with 11.5-foot (3.5m) cord. Along with the package, you get 6.3mm plug adapter and a User manual

These are extremely comfortable headphones, although they might not be a good fit on the head and may feel large. They are extremely lightweight so you’ll soon forget you are wearing them. You can wear these headphones for hours without any strain.The earpad fit will provide sound isolation, but you can still hear outside noise.

The build quality for these headphones is great in this price range. They seem to hold up well to abuse over time, hardly registering a scratch. Construction is solid and doesn’t feel cheap.The pads and headband of the headphone are durable and will last for a long time

Basic headphone package with extra-long cord and an adapter are all you get for such affordable headphones. You shouldn’t be expecting anything more.  Solid construction means they’ll last a long time.

The sound quality is pretty good as they provide Crispy, clear balanced sound Some users report they sound mellow at first but sound better after 100 hours. They offer tonnes of volume with no amplification.

Overall, these JVC circumaural headphones offer studio-quality sound at an affordable price. It is very uncommon to have such features at only $50.

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2: Koss PortaPro: Most Comfortable Headphones Under $40

Koss PortaPro headphones provides a great value for money as it has many features at such an affordable price. Available for well under $40, the Koss PortaPro headphones are a superb value for those needing big sound from a compact package.Koss PortaPro Headphones


  • They are very comfortable thanks to their lightweight design
  • The sound is comparable to more pricier models
  • They provide great value for money
  • It comes with an in-line volume controls and a smartphone compatible talkback mic


  • The headband is designed in such a way that your hair might get tangled with it.
  • It doesn’t provide noise isolation
  • A very small issue is with the Carrying pouch as it is a little on the small side

The package includes Soft pouch with drawstring for storage, a User manual and A permanently installed 4ft cable with a 3.5mm plug.

The on-the-ear design of these headphones works great has a lightweight construction. The headband is very thin and light but its  designed in such a way that your hair might get tangled with it. The one negative is that design does not provide any level of noise isolation. The thin metal spring steel headband provides good durability. The bass response is not overpowering and the mid tones are punchy.

For a great sound at a low price with a vintage look, you should go for  Koss PortaPro.

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3: Sennheiser HD 202 II:

Everything about Sennheiser HD 202 II Headphone is built for universal appeal, a great design with  replaceable synthetic leather earcups and a good sound quality at a low price

Sennheiser HD 202 II Headphones


  • Closed-back design filters unwanted noise
  • Comfortable fit with extra padding on the headband
  • Excellent sound quality at a low price


  • The 10-foot long cable can get annoying
  • Lacks mobile controls and a microphone for smartphones
  • Has a plastic frame which gives it a cheap feel.

The HD 202 IIs have a closed-back design, meaning the earcups filter out unwanted noise so that you can use on your commute. The material of earcups has a tendency to heat up after an hour or so of uninterrupted use so you should think about replacing them.

One flaw is that the headband sits further toward the front of your head, which can take some time to getting used to. There is some extra padding underneath the top of the band for extra comfort.

The cord is 10 feet (3 meters) long so it can get very hard to be used outside the home. The model doesn’t include mobile controls and a microphone so you won’t be able to switch tracks and adjusting the volume on an in-line remote while they stay in the pocket.

Finally, they aren’t good for compact travel, and the package doesn’t include a carrying case to protect the headphones.

These are best budget headphones for DJ because of its impressive sound quality, replaceable earcups, and comfortable fit that gets better with extended use.

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4: SHURE SRH145: Best Portable Headphone Under 50:

Shure’s headphones aren’t exactly known for being the low price but it has recently started with budget headphones recently and with good results. The company’s new Shure SE112 Headphones, for instance, are some of the best budget in-ear headphones on the market. They are very comfortable and you’ll have a hard time finding a more comfortable set at this price range.

SHURE SRH145 Headphones


  • Rich, powerful bass
  • Light and comfortable design
  • Provides passive noise isolation


  • Exterior design looks a bit cheap

The frame of the headphones is very light and feels a little cheaper than it looks in pictures. The faux-metal coating around the exterior also gives the headphones a toyish feel. The soft leatherette on the pads, however, are comfortable. For 40 bucks you don’t expect much accessories and this model doesn’t come with any.

The SRH145 has a design that will catch some eyes, and the jet black color looks appealing. Along with that, the orange beneath the perforated openings offers a welcome touch of originality.The one problem is that their open-back earpiece design offers very little noise isolation.

They are very comfortable and you’ll have a hard time finding a more comfy pair of cans in this price range. Since they have a light weight frame you will hardly feel it and can wear it without aggravation for extended listening sessions. They also provide passive noise isolation, which is excellent for an on-ear headphone. They can block out the outside noises pretty effectively at moderate volume.

The sound quality that Shure SRH145’s provides is rich and powerful down low, and smoothed-over up top for easy listening. They are still not as good as some of Shure’s other more pricier models as the voice clarity is not that good. It provides a punchy and full bass which provides a healthy pulse for electronic and hip-hop tracks and can please audiophiles as well. There are some things lacking when it comes to sound but considering the right balance and power, they are a very good choice in the budget sector.

The SRH145 is an affordable headphone that’s worthy of the Shure name. despite being much cheaper than other Shure models it doesn’t disappoint.  There are some things lacking when it comes to sound but considering the right balance and power, they are an excellent choice in the budget sector.

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5: Superlux HD668B:

For such a low price it provides an amazing sound for the price, making it comparable to models twice the price. At a low cost of $40, the sound quality of these headphones is rather impressive. While the Superlux HD668B dynamic headphones may not prove to be audiophile quality, they do provide good quality sound and features at such a low price. The features include 2 detachable cables which are very uncommon with low-priced headphones.

These headphones make a great companion for casual listening environments as well as for work, commuting, or a home recording studio.

Superlux HD668B Headphones


  • Detachable cable design allows the two cables to be linked together
  • Very comfortable
  • The large ear cups provides a good fit for larger heads
  • Great sound for the price, can compare to models twice the price
  • Wide soundstage


  • Although it’s a good fit for larger heads people with smaller heads may not find a good fit.
  • Semi-open back design leaks some noise so not good for use in public spaces.
  • The sound can be bad for lower quality digital music


  • The package includes
  • Soft pouch draw-string
  • Cable connector clip
  • 3ft (1m) & 9ft (3m) cables with 3.5mm jacks
  • 5mm to ¼” jack adapter
  • User manual

It is most likely that you will find the lightweight headband and large earpads to be fairly comfortable. The unique wire headband design with extended top pads will prove to not be too tight for larger heads. The earcups are good for most ear sizes. The model includes vinyl earpads but they are replaceable so you can replace them. A semi-open back design provides below average noise isolation, so there will be some sound leakage.

Although the general build quality feels a little cheap, the HD668B will last long. The best part about them is that they do not feature the weak plastic hinge points often found in other headphones in low price range. The lack of a hinged design makes for good durability. They have a unique detachable cable design, and a  semi-open back providing for a good look. The design also provides quality sound transmission while providing some level of sound isolation. These headphones provide two separate cable lengths which are a great feature. You can choose whichever you feel is the best.

The sound quality is well-balanced and not too bassy. They aren’t going to overpower the music with bass, but at the same time, you will receive a fairly wide soundstage and good audio frequency clarity. The bass sounds very natural while the mid tones are warm and balanced. They also provide good clarity along with a wide soundstage. The Superlux sound quality is reasonably

If you’re looking for headphones that feature solid audio performance at a budget price the Superlux HD668B should be considered.

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For everyday use, people prefer earphones that can endure a bit of roughness. The headphones in this list have been made by reputable brands so they have been made keeping durability in mind. This list will help you choose the one that best headphone that suits your needs. All of these headphones are best budget headsets under $50 so they won’t be too heavy on the pocket and you can enjoy good music while staying on a budget.

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