Best Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones in 2018 (Great ANC Headsets)

Buying Guide of Best Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones:

Nowadays the life has become too much noisy. In this noisy world where one can observe noise in homes, roads, airplane and office, the real taste of life in peace and comfort has faded away. Though everyone may not be able to go to a resort for peace of mind, the best thing you can still enjoy is by using best noise cancelling headphones.

In this world of discomfort the wireless noise cancelling headphones are perfect to block outside noise and unnecessary sound. Using the Active Noise cancelling (ANC) headsets you can enjoy music for as many as 50 hours and they are perfect for airplanes travel, office environment and long trips.

We have compiled a list of 14 best wireless noise cancelling headphones to help you pick out a pair of great ANC headsets. These headphones not deliver excellent noise cancellation but also offer highest performance, durability and battery life.

In our tests, Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones performed highest in every aspect with its best Active noise cancellation. However if you can afford a bit of a budget  Sony MDR-1000X/B and Beats Studio Wireless are worth buying headphones for a greater ANC experience. Let’s have a look at these headphones.

List of The Best Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones in 2018:

Headphone NameWirelessBattery LifeNoise CancellationCheck Price
Bose QuietComfort 35Yes20 hours9/10
Sony MDR1000X/BYes20 hours9/10
Beats Studio WirelessYes12 hours8/10
Sony H-ear on WirelessYes20 hours8/10
Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2Yes24-Hour8.5/10
Naztech i9BTYes30 hours8/10
Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7B and ATH-ANC7BBoth Wired and Wireless8-10 hours8.5/10
Sony MDR ZX770BNYes13 Hours8/10
Sennheiser MM 450-XYes20 hours for Wired - 8 Hours for Wireless7.5/10
BÖHM B76 BluetoothYes16 Hours8/10
Golzer BANC-50Yes30 Hours7.5/10
Monoprice PID 10010Yes50 hours7/10
JVC HA-NC250Yes50 hours8/10
Parrot Zik WirelessYes5 hours8.5/10

1: Bose QuietComfort 35:

Bose QuietComfort 35 is the updated version of QC 25 and this is over-ear ANC Bose model. They are great active noise cancelling over ear headsets. Now they are available in Bluetooth series with an option of wire. Right now they are considered as best and you can get them for a very small price that is $50 only.

Bose QuietComfort 35 Noise Cancelling Headphones

BOSE QC 35 include the best noise cancellation feature and the latest technology. Its manufacturing quality is very strong with a batter life of 20 hours, they are called as Pro in performance and usage also the functioning of Bluetooth is also great and provide a long range with a high-level sound quality and great comfort even for long drives and flights. But they are a little bit costly and they got no aptX support for Bluetooth but they got lots of positive points.

Talking about Active noise cancellation technology Bose is alone in the field without any competitor, monopolist. There is no company who know how to make ANC (active noise cancellation) technology. QC 35 has amazing ANC as compared to QC 25 you just need to press a button to ensure a calm surrounding around yourself. This model got so much customer attraction because of its noise cancelling engine when they cancel the engine sound of the air bus. You don’t need a sound proof room anymore. You will get a rechargeable built-in battery, 40 hours wired. Micro USB charger available. Some sound leakage does happen at high volume.

Manufacturing is superb and apparently, it is nice and sober. The QC models were made of high-quality of plastic but Bose is made with the premium quality of plastic if you drop accidentally they would not get harmed.

As the name highlights “quite comfort”, the Bose scored shockingly high in case of comfort. It is a bit heavier than the previous model but you won’t feel anything while wearing because the clamp is not too strong. The ear pads are foamy, and luxurious covered with slanted drivers. Adjustments are good with 90-degree rotation.

The main feature is Bluetooth 4.1 so you can connect ANC with IOS and Android devices. The range is better than the previous model. Can connect with multiple devices. There is a 3.5mm cable if your want to use wired version and save more battery and want to use in-line control and microphone. There are 2 built-in microphones but quite sensitive you also get a carrying bag and flight adapter for external use.

Sound quality is superb, the sound is rich and the bass is amazing. But you cannot categorize them as neutral. They got a variety of genres you can enjoy every type whether it is classical. Pop or rock. The sound separation feature is appreciable and the high and low notes contribute greatly in the soundstage. Although they don’t have audiophile but they are best to go for.

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2: Sony MDR1000X/B:

Sony MDR 1000X/B headphones are perfect for those who need an ultra-listening with ANC. They also got success among few wireless headphones, they are also noise cancelling headphones. They are the rivals of Bose in comfort and ANC function.

Sony Premium Noise Cancelling MDR1000X/B

Sony MDR 1000XB is one of the effective ANC performance headphones, with a multiple ANC listening features and a pleasant and cherished sound quality. When you wear them you will feel luxurious ear cups with a premium performance. They are available to you with carrying case. But their manufacturing of plastic can scratch, and the touch ear cup is difficult for some people. Also, the bass quality scattered at high volume.

As compared to Bose models, Sony MDR is a pro of active noise cancelling bluetooth headphones. They are ready to surpass in the competition of best-in-class noise cancellation. You will find a feature of Ambient noise cancelling mode as well as an ANC mode. These two features allow you to listen to vocal deeply or normal listening. Noise cancellation is powered by built-in rechargeable battery lasts for 20 hours in Bluetooth mode. With a quick attention mode by touching your ear cups, you can get aware of your surroundings. Overall its effective function is appreciable.

Sony MDR is made with plastic components so its build quality is not so high and noticeable. They focused more on internal functions rather than appearance. Earcups fold flat and hand carry is available with a package. You just need to take care of it.

With a 20 hours battery life, you can enjoy the high-quality listening experience with a perfect comfort. You will feel luxurious with synthetic leather earcup padding which also covers the earcup as a whole. The headband is covered with soft padding.

Sony MDR renders high quality of wireless audio playback due to Bluetooth NFC v4.1 which supports aptX and AAC codecs. You got 3 control buttons on headphones whose function are Power, ANC on/off, Ambient Sound mode. Other functions are done by swiping fingers. They are the most convenient one.

Buying a $350 of headphones, you would expect a high quality of sound and yes it does delivers perfect quality of sound. Its frequency with lively coloration ranges highly, the high and low notes are clear, detailed and balanced, bass frequency is strong and heavy but it distorts on high volume, vocals have a crisp with a deep relation with instruments.

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3: Beats Studio Wireless:

If you want a well designed wireless audiophile headphone beats is not a good choice to make as their previous models were not audiophile friendly. But Beats Studio Wireless are the improved models and considered as one of the best beats noise cancelling headphones which provides balanced sound quality.

Beats Studio Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

These models are great in noise cancellation as well as control and functions. The sound quality is much improved than other models. They provide soothing comfort with over-ear pads. Apparently, they are stylish and design is great available with accessories. But are bit expensive and audiophile is not present.

Just like the previous model its noise cancellation is great but not so high level, you can change background noise with ANC. They focused on sound quality and design rather than noise cancellation function. Quite opposite of other models. The battery is effective you can use 12 hours with ANC and Bluetooth. Battery charging can be done via USB to micro USB cable from any adapter.

No doubt its design got a high score, the manufacturing is splendid and sober, there is a nice sleek over-ear design, though its made of plastic but it gives a decent appearance and finishing of luxurious quality. This model is more stylish one.

The beats studio wireless are extremely comfortable headphones, its big ear pad with soft foamy texture on it make you sure of that. If you wear them for hours and hours you will not feel even a little discomfort or fatigue or pressure on your head, they are light weight and suitable.

As compared to old models the sound quality is much enhanced. The bass is much balanced and strong but does not overpower the other detailing of instruments. Though they are no audiophile headphones but they are fun to have with balanced high and low notes. The sound clarity is great rather than hurting highs.

The Bluetooth can be connected to every device and has a standard range of about 30ft. built in microphones are present but cable option is there for better quality. The sound penetrates efficiently within earcups in Bluetooth mode. Using them as wired headphone will help in saving the battery life.

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4: Sony H-ear on Wireless MDR100ABN/B Bluetooth:

Sont H-ear on wireless is a balanced sound quality, ANC function headphone. They are available in a variety of colors and the customer attraction of wireless noise cancellation function with an option of H-ear on wireless MDR100ABN series. They have managed to get on the list of top 10 headphones.

Sony H-ear on Wireless MDR100ABN/B Bluetooth

Sony H-ear series are available in many color choices and in an attractive design. Looking at the functions yes they have great noise cancellation function along with 20 hours of battery life. The sound quality is balanced even in high notes or high volume but the drawbacks are that headphones don’t fold up and the ear cups are considerably small otherwise they are amazing.

As noise cancellation technology becomes competitive as the globalization is increasing and industries are developing. It has a great feature of ANC that it cancels the lows and mid tone spectrum from the outside but it does allow the important information to pass through the user’s head. But the noise is bit low and does not disturb you in ANC mode.

Sony MDR is made of high-quality plastic that’s why they are light in weight but you cannot just call them the strongest one. One point is that their earcups do not rotate and fold which can cause mild stress fracture due to excess pressure. These models have strong internal functions i.e electronic and control. Battery sometimes gives a problem but do take warranty card in the case.

This model consists of duo-toned color-matched earpads soft and greatly padded. Not more comfort level than Bose but the headband gets tight on large heads and people with glasses, also the lack of folding and rotation option is quite a problem.

You will get a package with a pleasant zipper carrying case with 3.5mm cable, USB and charging. The buttons are built near while providing tactical feel to the user. You can connect with Bluetooth and the battery life is more than 20 hours.

MDR comes up with a perfect sound signature which is warm and pleasing, as well as its bass is enhanced with a frequency highlighting very much, the range in mids and lows is amazing but there is some sound leakage. Its ‘beat response control’ technology works nicely in tightening up the low ends.

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5: Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2:

The modification of BackBeats Pro 2 makes great changes, including the noise cancellation technology. There is a special edition of the series but a bit costly. The range of the wireless is superb and the battery lifetime is enhanced.

Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2 Noise Cancelling Headphones

As we know this model comes up with great battery life and wireless range, it is the considerably better effort of upgrading pro model. The design is refined but the concern is ANC function which is so so and sensors are delicate and the fold flats are bulky.

As I said their ANC function is of low quality. BackBeats Pro 2 cannot compete on basis of noise cancellation function. They feature exists but is not effective, Bluetooth range is 30ft, but if you are a mix music lover with ANC in cheap price then this one is best for you.

Backbeats introduce their new model with lots of positive changes which includes high comfort level, headband trimmed with fabric, ear cups are soft and luxurious, they are also comfortable for long distance flights. And long drives.

The battery life is 24 hours with playback listening and the Bluetooth range is very much enhanced. You will get a cloth carrying bag with a package and 3.5mm audio cable. Most of us want to listen to open listening mode of ambient sound. The automatic play and pause feature is trouble for some people. But generally backbeat is attractive and customer focused.

Plantronics sound quality is improved and modified, the volume level has increased and the music genres have a lot of bass with low frequency pulsing. With a little bit of EQ control frequencies are considerably low-mid, the high and mid notes deliver vocals and centre material. The consistent clearance at high notes is great.

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6: Naztech i9BT:

If you want to be on a budget and meanwhile wants headphones with great noise cancellation, and Bluetooth function, with only in $80 with enhanced battery life, Naztech i9BT are the one you must go for though there are other options but they are the best noise cancelling headphones under 100.

Naztech i9BT - Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Naztech i9BT renders great benefits to their user, they have appreciable noise cancellation feature and are very much comfortable so you can use them on long flights and long drives. They have wired option but in Bluetooth mode and ANC, their battery life is up to 12 hours. Available with the package is a nice carrying case with overwhelming memory earpads. And they are available at such an affordable price. There are some issues in earphone buttons

Noise cancellation function of Naztecch are quite efficient and effective and the cool thing is you can on and of the mode with a button on the earphone. Though they are not much effective than Bose models but Bose costs 3 times more than Naztechs. The battery life is up to 12 hours when Bluetooth and ANC mode is running and if you use only ANC the battery life will be 30 hours.

They are made with good quality of plastic which can also bend so their durability is enhanced, they are very light in weight but you cannot just count them in extraordinary long lasting headphones. But it can satisfy your expectations. They come up with carrying case along with the package.

Naztechs i9BT are available in suitable prices and in comfort phase, they are surprisingly comfortable they are considerably smaller earsbuds and they have the capacity to rest on ears headphones for a longer period without feeling any discomfort.

When you get the original package you will get 3.5mm cable for wired headphones and a 6.3 mm adapter for using in flights with USB charging cable. You can also have a tiny pouch for cable storage. Also, they are great noise cancelling headphones with microphone. You can use them as a Bluetooth or ANC mode if the battery runs out. The improvement required is the buttons at the headband they are hard to distinguish overall you will get nice accessories with the package.

Generally, the sound quality of Naztechs is average but when you turn on the ANC the sound quality changes as expected in every noise cancellation headphones. The headphones are a little bit bassy and you can enjoy warm and calm sound but with ANC the bass option vanishes. Overall you cannot expect a great loyalty from them but they are appreciably good.

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7: Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7B:

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7B model is the rated as one of the best Audio-Technica noise cancelling headphones. And popular ATH-ANC7 model. This model is much better than the previous series most of the features are enhanced and improved. And they also managed to fix the issues in previous headphones.

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7B Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC offers great noise cancellation and noise isolation providing headphones. They are built strongly and have long lasting effect. A bit bulky but they are very comfortable, they are ANC technology and available at an affordable price and like others sound quality is great while ANC mode is on. Besides all this, there is some sound leakage on high volume, and they are not perfect at any feature.

Talking about noise cancellation technology they are slightly better than Bose but not so effective. Its noise isolation feature is very well defined and you can use it for this purpose. The headphones are also powered by AAA battery which can survive up to 40 hours when the ANC mode is running.

Their manufacturing quality is very well improved. But not better than Bose. The headbands are made of metal. And hinges are strong enough to give any discomfort. As expected from over ear headphones they are made with top quality plastic.

Yet they are bulky but they still can be used for long time usage. The ear pads are padded nicely which does not put much pressure on the ears. Though bose is light in weight and comfortable but Audio-Technica is strong competitors.

Apparently, they have no special feature like other they headphones fold flat for the packaging they have regular ANC function and in-line microphone control. Just like other headphones you get a smart carrying bag with a set of adapters, the airline of 6.33mm version. They are money valuable headphones and are very cheap.

The sound quality is better when the ANC function is running and without them, they also provide balanced, clear and detailed sound with a preferably strong bass but not so bumpy. Due to audiophile sound is more clear. The sound leakage in previous models have been enhanced, at high volume, people can still hear your music. Overall they have superior noise cancellation technology and functioning.

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8: Sony MDR ZX770BN:

Sony MDR managed to build airplane headphones which are high-end and they are the perfect active noise cancelling bluetooth headphones. Available in an affordable price you will get a great ANC headphone in $200.

Sony MDR ZX770BN Noise Cancelling Headset

Sony MDR ZX770BN is stylish and customer focused headphones with a quite comfortable because of their light in weight feature and soft earpads. They also got noise cancellation function with a great sound quality function. But the major drawback is they are not best in anything.

As compared to other ANC headphones they are considerably better noise cancellation function but cannot compete with Bose. You can resist with airbus engine sounds. It has passive noise isolation function. It has built in battery cable, on charging for 2.5 hours it can survive for 13 hours. Even ANC is on.

Sony as always delivers more than the expectations.they are light in weight and apparently, they look a bit weak but they don’t fall apart and they are only made for travelling purpose as well so that’s not a big deal.

The Bluetooth and wireless connections can work effectively under the range of 30ft. They also have a function of aptX support for the ones who wants better sound quality with Bluetooth. Microphones are also attached internally.

The sound quality of MDR is no doubt a great feature.. though they don’t have audiophile sound quality but the sound is balanced, clear, and with detailing, the bass is somewhat too strong but it is preferable for those who love flat response. They provide best sound quality among noise cancelling headphones.the high and low notes got a nice and pleasant crisp in quality with a listening range of every instrument.

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9: Sennheiser MM 450-X:

Form the Sennheiser series, Sennheiser MM 450 are the best noise cancellation headphones model. As we know about the greatness of Sennheiser and their headphones so the trust is firm on the brand, this model delivers the great quality of noise cancelling function.

Sennheiser MM 450-X

As Sennheiser is a trustworthy brand in the minds of the customer, as discussed they got a great noise cancelling function along with the high-quality comfort with on-ear design. Functionally their manufacturing quality is amazing and strong and Sennheiser selected some of the best features to modify. Sound balance is nice and fine but not for bass heads, besides all of this they do have some battery issue and don’t have audiophiles.

All Sennheiser models consist of noise cancellation function which is called as ‘noiseGard’. As compared to Bose they provide a bit better sound quality but you still get some sound from the background, the ANC is powered by the decorum of battery which is for charging except this you cannot get it charge from anywhere. With one full charge, they survive fro 8 hours with Bluetooth and ANC mode on and 20 hours if wired.

Like all other Sennheiser models, they are also well manufactured. They got a guarantee of quality material with hinges which make it comfortable for travel. The have portable design which comes up to you in a convenient manner in the package along with the carrying bag. Control wise they have useful control like by them you can change volume and pause and play the music in your earphones.

The luxurious ear band of Sennheiser MM 450 are attractive and customer focused, they go accurately with your expectations. The lavish earbands are soft and handy, you can wear them for a long time as they are meant for travelling so the comfort zone is great.

Leaning on to features of Sennheiser you will experience positively as they have a Bluetooth range of about 30ft standard, also you have the option of NFC if your device supports. They also support aptX compression which delivers high sound quality. For calls, built-in microphone is available. It has a TalkThrough function which records the outside voices and delivers through headphones.

For the quality of sound, sennhesier may not be a good choice to go for because of noise cancellation but comparing with Bose they are considerably good. As long as your ANC mode Is turned out that the sound is amazing it is not flat and dead rather it is balanced, clear, and rightly detailed with a hint of nice bass but not a strong bass headphone.

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10: BÖHM B76 Bluetooth:

While Bose and Sennheiser are busy in competing with each other via technology and innovation and got the best-in-class awards, the BOHM headphones render a valuable set of wireless with noise cancellation function which enhances the sound more greatly and clearly. Its construction id pride solid with wireless audio which suits every listener out there who wants to have noise cancellation headphones.

BÖHM B76 Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones

The BOHM B76 are an attractive and stylish set of earphones, its design is nice and comfortable earcups. The hinges of the headphones and the rotation function are made of aluminium. According to the price they are available in, they deliver sober and pure performance, they also have optional audio in-line input. Besides all that the padding of headbands is thin which makes it bad for small size heads. And the ANC circuit is quite noisy.

These headphones got the function of noise reduction which is about 20 dB, the quality of noise cancellation and noise isolation is reasonable. The ambient noise becomes bit weakens or thin with the help of earcup design and padding. The ANC feature of BOHM are not amazing but the high pitch gets a bit groan when the ANC circuit is turned on. The noise is noticeable but can be minimized.

Apparently, they are designed surprisingly great as concerned with the price too. The aluminium hinges and rotation feature attach with the earcups ais solid and strong. If we look at the internal functions, there exist some issues of quality control. Some people experiences an irregular noise of electronics and component failure. But they complain in the warranty card issued to them.

As the earcups are luxurious the BOHM stands greatly at the head. They are closed-back earcups which are considered as easy but warmer to wear but they are pretty good in it. There must be a little padding in the headband. Some users experience discomfort which is due to the pressure on the top of their heads because of heavy aluminium components.

The BHOM came at your door with a package consisting of 3.5mm audio line input jack for the Bluetooth as well as wired function. You will get a nice semi-rigid zippered nylon pouch in the package. Right ear has multi-purpose buttons, they have a charge time of 2 hours which can survive for up to 8 hours with ANC mode. The microphones are of low quality and the Bluetooth connects with multiple devices at a time.

At an affordable price, they got audiophile feature but not so much high quality. He drivers are of 40mm which can produce heavy bass for listening styles. The high and low notes are clear and sharp. The issue is when the ANC circuit is running the bass rise up highly and become a bit noisy too.

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11: Golzer BANC-50:

In the world of Bluetooth noise cancellation headphones, Gozler is considered as a hidden gem among them and offers most affordable noise cancelling headsets. They are cheapest and provides a high quality of features. As compared to expensive headphones they are the one with wireless ANC and solid value in case of price too.

Golzer BANC-50 High Fidelity Noise Cancelling Headphones

Gozler BANC-59 got the sober and nice noise cancellation function. Provide you amazing comfort after some days of usage. As well as they render superb sound for ANC wireless earphones in a very affordable price you will get a pack of great features. But the main thing is they are not perfect in any feature but they are called as a budget model.

Golzer has a better noise cancellation quality but not better than Bose though its price is acceptable for everyone but it gives 70% of effectiveness like bose in low frequency. The ANC function is not completely isolated. The battery can survive for 12 hours on a charge of 2-3 hours in Bluetooth while in ANC its up to 30 hours.

Golzers manufacturing quality is not so good they are even the poorest among all headphones. The problem is their material quality could not compete with other headphones. They are made of some plastic material, may be that’s why they are in the market in just $50.

They are over-ear headphones and delivers a better quality of comfort. The pads are thick but become softer by the time and give nice listening experience. The size is bit smaller but ear cups could get bigger after some use. They are best for you if you don’t travel much.

They got the range of about 30ft standard in Bluetooth mode. Also, supports aptX codec if the device supports. You got a nice carrying bag along with the package. Microphones are built in and work better. Earcups only function in Bluetooth mode. Volume and songs changing are easy in buttons.

They don’t support audiophile and deliver better sound quality in noise cancellation mode. There is no heavy bass and a little bit flat. With ANC modes the sound quality is louder, nicer and richer.

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12: Monoprice PID 10010:

Monoprice PID series are counted in active noise cancellation headphones and give value to money. Here you get the advantage of performance more than the cost but this model is considerably poor in every feature among all headphones.

Monoprice PID 10010 Hi-Fi Noise Cancelling Headphones

Monoprice delivers better noise cancellation function at an affordable price in case of ANC mode. The design is very much comfortable and also portable. It gives good value for money to those who want good feature in cheap price. Also, they provide nice and pleasant sound quality. But remember they are not perfect and great for any feature.

We cannot compare the function of ANC with other luxurious headphones but they play quite well. The passive noise isolation is much better, the time you play music some background music vanishes. They have AAA battery can survive fro 50 hours.

Ear pads are covered with nice fabric and the manufacturing quality is also great and the earcups are made of plastic with a nice finishing. Keeping portability in mind foldable design has been made. They could be a good replacement for any old headphones.

They are padded nicely and there is no pressure issue. They are big but soft headsets. They are well padded which distributes the pressure evenly and does not cause any harm. they are perfect for long time travelling like long drives and flights.

The package is comprised of detachable cables, which improves the durability of the headphones and make them easier. There are 2 cables one is for regular use and other for in-line microphones for attending the calls. Moreover, a nice carrying bag is also available with the package.

Comparing with Bose and Sennheiser they provide much better sound quality. But not so perfect. It is proved that they bring great sound quality in noise cancellation mode. The music is always a soothing activity to do it has no bumpy bass or distorted sound. But if you want and audiophile you have so many other options.

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13: JVC HA-NC250:

JVC HA-NC250 Noice Cancelling Headphones delivers a complete package of comfort, durability, sound quality and noise cancellation. They are appreciably available at an affordable price, and due to their feature and price adjustment, they are difficult to beat by competitors.

JVC HA-NC250 Noice Cancelling Headphones

The JVC HA-NC250 have considerably great noise cancellation system better than expensive ones. They are built so well that they are comfortable and light in weight with the great sound quality of nice and pleasant bass. In ANC mode the sound quality is much better. The battery life reaches up to 50 hours, overall they are cheap and easy to get but the sound is not good than audiophile headphones.

These headphones have much better noise isolation and their on-ear design is better than others. Watching only noise cancelling technology they are slightly weaker than Bose but the higher price could make you achieve that. Overall the ANC technology needs AAA battery to make it function for 50 hours. And the plus point is you can add any type of battery in it.

This model manufacturing quality and HA-NC250 model are slightly same. Both are made of plastics and their long lasting quality is same and enhanced. They are made so well that each joint is made perfectly and you can take them wherever you want to go without any damage precaution.

They are light in weight and put light pressure on ears. They are on-ear headphones so they are quite comfortable. But like on ears headphones with the passage of time you start to feel slight tinglings if you want a highly comfortable headphones than going with over-ear ones.

They have the capacity to fold flat and manage to get in the carrying bag available with the package. They don’t have any type of buttons on earpad to control the volume controls. You cannot just play and pause the music immediately. Battery survives and if runs out can be used on ANC mode.

The sound quality is quite good as it covers the range very well. All ranges ar balanced and clear and also the bass is nice it doesn’t overpower the instruments. They are not audiophiles on-ear headphones but overall they are the best model in the case of noise cancellation function.

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14: Parrot Zik Wireless:

The Parrot Ziks are the first model with noise cancellation function, their design is special and attractive and much better than 2.0 and 3.0 models in case of price too. The updated models are quite expensive.

Parrot Zik Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

The Parrot Ziks appears in a nice and pleasant design and customer focused, though they are bit bulky but they are comfortable enough, durability is highly adapted. This model adds up so many nice features and the sound quality is great with Bluetooth ANC headphones. But the drawback is they have low battery life and lasts up to 5 hours with BT and ANC on.

Parrot Ziks uses their own technology to improve the noise cancellation function above average, but still, they are not effective than Bose, according to them they provide 98% of background noise reduction while using 4 different microphones. The sound quality becomes worse when noise cancellation mode is on. The main thing is weak battery life with ANC and Bluetooth usage you can only use them for 5 hours.

If you want headphones in just $300 Parrots are great to have, they are made with long lasting plastic and metal parts and the finishing with superb black. Once you decide to take good care of your headphones there are no words to define its durability, the more you care the longer they will survive.

Talking about comfortability, Parrots are great in comfort, the design with bulky size will somehow exert a pressure on your ear. You can wear them for hours without any hesitation but you do feel a little weight than your average headphones.

The Bluetooth ranges up to 30ft and connection are really good. The cool feature of it is a head detection sensor, the music plays and pauses with the detection of your head. Music control can be done by touch sensor when connecting with Bluetooth. 5th Microphone will use only for making calls. They are available in waterproof version with a strong battery life.

With ANC function the sound quality is balanced, detailed, and clear without any distortions.even in the noise cancellation mode running, the sound quality is perfect, but you can get wired for better sounding in the same price. Once you have ANC you enjoy the best noise cancellation feature.

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Summing up the whole list of best noise cancellation technology headphones, there are so many options for us to select from as each and every headphones provides this function in a better way according to their capability and capacity. Bose, Sony and Beats managed to stand out among so many noise cancellation headphones but they are bit costly. But there do exist so many other headphones with a great noise cancellation function, so you can enjoy music on long drives, flights or any long journey these headphones can provide you better company than any other headphone with thousand features but not noise cancellation.

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