Best Workout Headphones in 2018 (Buyer’s Guide)

As an athlete or even as a person that likes to workout occasionally you need to buy the great workout headphones that best accommodates you. Luckily with the pass of years the advanced technology has developed new ways to make your experience more comfortable. Clothes made for a certain sports and shoes that are specifically for running, jogging, playing football, etc. There is even music made with a certain rhythm to make it easier for you to focus on your workout and get you in the zone.

Now you can bring your favorite tunes with you when you go running, when you’re pumping iron in the gym, or when you’re doing asanas in your yoga class, without worrying about your headphones falling off. But as it happens with your gear, you need to choose the best, the ones that meet your needs. How do you know which are the best choice? Fear not, to help you choose we have made a list of the five best headphones to use when you work out; in it we analyze the stability of their design, the comfort, durability, Bluetooth and battery (when applicable), controls, and sound quality.

List of Best Workout Headphones 

Headphone NameDesignDurabilitySound QualitySee PricesRead Review
66 Audio BTS+ Price
Koss’s KSC758.28.58Check Price
Koss PortaPro8.89.17.5Check Price
Monster iSport Freedom9.179Check Price
Skullcandy Grind8.57.58.2Check Price

1: 66 Audio BTS+:

The 66 Audio BTS+ are absolutely lovable and best headphones for workout under $50 price with their awesome features. These on-ear headphones not only are made of sturdy durable and light plastics and have an above average sound quality, they also have the latest 4.0 Bluetooth technology, support aptX, and the microphone is noise cancelling. They have the best battery life of this list at 25+ hours of playtime. Their ear-hook design is also pretty stable for most users and since they’re light, they don’t bounce a lot, perfect for running. Great customer service is another of their best aspects, if you have any problems with these, contact support and most often than not they will replace your defunct headphones for new ones.

66 Audio BTS+ Headphones

This on-ear model is hooks to the ears, passing behind your neck. They are tight and light enough to be stable and stay on even while running. Some users with small ears might have problems, though.

In general, all on-ear headphones get uncomfortable after a couple of hours. And while these have cushioned earpads that help with the comfort they still put some pressure on the ears.

While they’re not water or sweat-proof, as it’s near impossible to make on-ear models water-resistant, they are made of sturdy plastics that make them durable. This will last long enough so long as you don’t get them wet.

These feature 4.0 Bluetooth connection compatible with iOS, Android, and any MP3 player with Bluetooth. The range is above 20ft and they support aptX.

This is easily their best characteristic as the battery life is over 25 hours per charge. This is around twice the normal battery life for the average Bluetooth headphone. They do take a little to charge but you won’t have to do it that often as one charge can easily last you weeks if you just use them to work out.

On the right headphone you’ll find the controls to control everything, from calls to music, as well as connect two devices at the same time. They have a built-in microphone that’s really good, you’ll be heard clearly, and it has noise cancelling technology.

The sound is actually better than what you’d expect of an on-ear model. Even more surprising is they cost around $50. The highs, mids and bass are all very balanced and fun to listen to, unless you’re a basshead. These are not audiophile headphones either, for that you might want to check some of the other products on this list.

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2: Koss KSC75:

Koss’s KSC75 model is here to teach you not judge a book by its cover. Yes, they are cheap, they look cheap, and feel cheap, no arguing that. They are also light, which doesn’t help to inspire confidence, but once you put them on this characteristic makes them very comfortable. Contrary to other on-ear models, this put on pressure on the ears and you can easily wear them for hours, only having to adjust them from time to time. Their ear-hook design and the already mentioned lightweight structure make them pretty stable, perfect for sports. Yet, what will surprise you the most is their high-quality, balanced sound signature. Some even compare this cheap model to audiophile headphones that are above the $300 price range. The drawback is though, that if you use them at full volume in a quiet room other people will definitely hear your music.

Koss KSC75 Best Workout Headphone

This Koss model has an ear-hook design, without the added benefit of a neck band. But that really isn’t a problem as they are super light. After putting them on they will stay on, even after getting sweaty. You will have to adjust them from time to time to keep them comfortable, but this is pretty standard with on-ear headphones.

The design is pretty basic. They have the standard, replaceable foam cushions and they’re on-ear headphones but since they are so light, this does not affect comfort. You’ll probably forget you have them on after a while.

Durability Here is where they’re lacking. The build is just about average, nothing to write home about. They have no sweat or water protection and the cables are normal, no Kevlar reinforcement. But they’re so cheap that if they break you can simply buy a new pair.

Controls: The simplicity might play against them in this area. With no microphone or controls, not even for music, it could be hard to sacrifice the ability receive calls or change music without having to take out your device.

Sound: Their best feature without a doubt, these headphones can actually compete with high-end audiophile models. They have a balanced sound signature, but the bass is still strong enough to give life to your music. It’s not basshead good though, as it’s a bit muddy. They are, however, a good choice for audiophiles that want to bring their high quality music with them when they workout.

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3: Koss PortaPro:

In case the book cover lesson was not learned with Koss’s past model, the PortaPro will drive it home. These are very similar to the KSC75. They have a headband that can be worn behind the neck or on the head, however you prefer it. Just like their brethren, they don’t win any points for design and they’re not the most durable. But they are really light, which makes them comfortable and stable enough for workouts.

Far from audiophile headphones these lean heavily towards the bass. If there were some hopeful bassheads disappointed with the other Koss model on the list, the PortaPro is sure to make them very happy. The could-be drawback is that they’re not very good at noise isolation, but they are loud enough to cover the noisy outside world. Plus, this helps when jogging in urban roads and parks.

Koss PortaPro Headphones

Fit: This design has the benefit of an adjustable headband that can be worn on your head or behind the neck. On-ear headphones as well, what makes these perfect for jogging and working out is their light structure.

Comfort: There’s nothing special to note here. The PortaPro, just like their relatives the KSC75, have the normal foam cushions that make them, along with their lightness, comfortable enough to wear for hours and even forget about them.

Durability (Sweat-resistance): Some might feel discouraged by their plastic and cheap design that leaves no doubts about their durability. They’re not water-proof and their cables aren’t reinforced with Kevlar either. Rest assured, though, it won’t hurt your wallet when you buy new ones your old pair broke.

Controls: With these you’ll have to, again, sacrifice easily receiving calls or changing your songs because they have no controls or microphone.

Sound: Contrary to the KSC75, these have a basshead sound signature. Even if you raise the volume the bass is still deep and emphasized; in fact, it can overshadow the treble. They are perfect for those that prefer the bass to help them keep their rhythm while they work out, but not for audiophiles. For the same bassy sound with Hi-Fi sound but with a slightly higher price, you can check Koss’s PortaPro model.

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4: Monster iSport Freedom:

Monster iSport Freedom might be pricey they have many great features to make up for it. They are pretty light and will stick to your head with their rubber earpads. They fold for easy storage and transport. Durability is not an issue with their waterproof strong plastics that can easily endure falls. If you’re a heavy sweater, fear not, you can rinse these and they’ll be as good as new. They have that punchy bass that helps you get through the last set of reps. And, last but not least, they support Bluetooth and the battery lasts for more than 20 hours.

Monster iSport Freedom - Best Sports Headphones

Fit: They have rubbery earpads that practically stick to the skin and are very light, so even if you bench press or a yoga position that requires you to lay down on your mat, these will stay on.

Comfort: Their light built and padding make these comfortable enough for most users to wear them for the whole of your workout. Longer than that, though, will be uncomfortable.

Durability (Sweat-resistance): They’re not only made of sturdy, high-quality plastics, but water resistant. They’re very flexible and will live even if you drop them, what’s more you can wash them in the sink if they get dirty or too sweaty. This will definitely stay with you for a long while.

Bluetooth: Yes, these support Bluetooth and connect to any device that has Bluetooth enabled. Also the connection is pretty stable and won’t start giving you problems at the standard 20ft range.

Battery: The battery life is pretty good at over 20 hours of playtime per full charge. If you just use them to work out you can easily avoid the tedious task of charging them for two weeks or so.

Controls: The controls are on the outside of the earcup and are easy to remember. The built in microphone is good enough to make calls, but not for high-quality recordings.

Sound: The sound quality is pretty good for those that like their music bassy. The mids and highs are crisp and clear, and the bass is strong. These support the aptX and AAC codec, which means better sound compression. They have noise cancelling technology that works pretty well and helps you keep your Miley Cyrus songs a secret but if someone yells you’ll hear it. Audiophiles will be disappointed with these, though, even more considering there are better sounding headphones for the same price out there.

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5: Skullcandy Grind:

Skullcandy has become quite popular lately and their Grind model doesn’t disappoint. They’re pretty affordable and offer good comfort, a light structure that makes them stable enough for most workouts, good durability because of their metal headband and detachable wires, and above average sound quality with a strong bass to give you that extra spring on your step. Also, surprisingly, even though they’re not Bluetooth, they have a microphone and a button to change songs and take calls. There are no buttons to turn the volume up or down, though. They’re not high end, or audiophile headphones, and you should keep this in mind. However, if you’re willing to pay a little more to get Bluetooth and better sound quality you should check the Bluetooth version of these headphones.

Skullcandy Grind Headphone

Fit: They’ll stay on with minimal readjustment if you wear them to work out in the gym or run, just don’t use them to practice your parkour routine.

Comfort: They have a light structure and soft foam earpads that make them good for a few hours of work out. You might get a little warm in the ears, but that’s something that’s bound to happen while you work out anyways. They’ll get uncomfortable if you wear them for longer than that, though.

Durability (Sweat-resistance): As these are not made for sports specifically they have no sweat or water protection, but should still be able to take a survive sweating without it affecting their durability too much. The earcups are plastic and the metal headband is pretty sturdy and flexible. The cables are detachable and can easily be replaced which also helps expand their lifespan. If you give these just a little bit of love they’ll be with you for a while.

Controls: They have a multifunctional button that you can tap to control songs and calls but to change the volume you’ll have to take out your device. They also have a microphone that’s pretty decent, but is not that good when compared to other models.

Sound: This model has a bassy sound signature, yet the treble and mids are clear enough. The quality is better than what you’d expect for their price, but it can’t compare to high-end models and it’s definitely not for audiophiles. Also, they’re not very good at noise isolation but this will keep aware of your environment if you jog outside.

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Compared to earbuds, on-ear headphones aren’t the most stable when it comes to working out. No matter how well they fit, they might move a little and you’ll have to readjust them from time to time. Of course, this depends on your type of work out. In general, they will not be the most comfortable, either. It would be good to keep these characteristics in mind while you’re shopping so you can pick the model that best meets your needs. If you find these designs irritate your ears too much, you might want to check out sport earbuds instead. If you come from there and still haven’t found what you’re looking for, don’t be too disappointed. Tech Engineers are still trying to make headphones that are stable enough to stay on while you jump from one rooftop to the other, climb walls, and hang upside down, just be patient.

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