BÖHM B76 Wireless Headphones Review

BÖHM B76 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

BÖHM B76 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

Sound Quality

9.0 /10


8.5 /10


8.5 /10


8.5 /10


9.0 /10

What We Like

  • Masterful design.
  • Comfortable earbuds
  • Built-in volume control
  • Attractive design
  • Highly compatible
  • It contains aluminum hinges and swivels
  • It has optional audio line input
  • Worth of price.

What We Don\'t

  • It has thin headband padding
  • It is not considered good for small head sizes
  • ANC circuit can be a little noisy

BÖHM is proud to deliver BÖHM B76 wireless headphone that is a value-friendly set of wireless noise cancelling headphones. It definitely claims its worth to beat the contemporary headsets including that of Bose Soundsport and Sennheiser which claim to have been best-in-class awards.  The BÖHM B76 model boasts solid construction and provides clear wireless audio that is suitable for the average listener in search of active noise cancelling.

BÖHM B76 Wireless Bluetooth Over Ear Cushioned Headphones with Active Noise Cancelling

BÖHM B76 Feature:

The BÖHM B76 wireless headphones feature a 3.5mm audio line input jack. It is a fact that most of the devices are using these jacks so getting connected with such devices becomes relatively easy. These can be used with or without a Bluetooth enabled playback device.

A total of 2-hour charge time provides up to 8 hours of ANC use or up to 16 hours of music playback time. The Bluetooth v4.0 pairs quickly with a number of devices and provided reliable audio playback. One notable downside of these headphones is the built-in talkback mic. It is very quiet and generally low quality compared to other options. The BÖHM B76 is available in stylish black/silver or brown/gold trim colors.

BÖHM B76 Wireless Bluetooth Over Ear Cushioned Headphones with Active Noise Cancelling image

It has a noise cancellation rating of about 20 dB. The B76 headphones provide a reasonable amount of noise cancellation and isolation though it can not beat Naztech i9BT, and Sony MDR1000X due to their active noise cancellation. The earcup design and padding helps attenuate ambient noise, and the active noise cancellation circuit works to take care of the rest. As far as the price is concerned, these headphones perform rather well in this category, providing decent cancellation at a fraction of the budget for a premium brand. The ANC technology isn’t perfect though, as there is a little bit of high-pitched whine when the active noise cancelling circuit is engaged. This noise is easily overcome when playing music, but it is noticeable when using the headphones in ANC-only mode.

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BÖHM B76 Wireless Bluetooth Over Ear Cushioned Headphones with Active Noise Cancelling image 4

With plush padded earcups, the BÖHM B76 fit comfortably around the ears that is as perfect in fit as Audio-Technica ATH-AD700X. Those who are not used to a closed back earcup design may feel like they are warmer to wear than other headphones, but they are pretty good in this category. The headband could probably use a little more padding. The heavier aluminum components tend to cause a little extra pressure on the top of the head, so some users may experience slight discomfort for that reason. It’s unlikely that these headphones will feel too clampy on the head. In fact, users with smaller heads may even feel that the headphones are too large and loose.

The physical build quality at this price point is quite good. The aluminum swivel and hinge design that attaches the earcups to the headband is robust and feels solid. As for the interior electronics, there are concerns about quality control that may affect some users. A few users have experienced intermittent electronic noise and sometimes even component failure. Most users have reported receiving a good set of headphones. Just be sure to submit a warranty claim for any issues if you notice them. See Most Durable Earbuds.

These earbuds are highly compatible with Apple products like iPhone and iPod. Smart TV and more can be connected through Bluetooth V4.0 which has coverage of about 10 meters.

These headphones aren’t going to blow you away with audiophile quality sound, but they do hold up quite well when you consider their modest price point. The 40mm drivers produce a fair amount of bass that is suitable for most listening styles. However, turning up the volume with bass-heavy genres (See Best Bass Headphones and Earbuds) like EDM may cause some overextension and distortion.

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Final Verdict:

Mids are even and clear throughout. And highs tend to be very present, without being sharp or biting. Audiophiles and keen listeners are going to pick out subtle nuances depending on the style of music, but the B76 delivers reasonable audio quality for most users. It should be noted that there is a slight bass boost when the ANC circuit is engaged, as well as a little bit of noise. Both of these issues can happen with a lot of active noise cancelling headphones, especially wireless Bluetooth models.

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