Brainwavz Delta Earbuds Review (Buyers’ Choice)

Brainwavz Delta Earbuds


Sound Quality










What We Like

  • Comfortable foamy tips.
  • Has good mids and highs.
  • Good in separation and detailing.
  • Very inexpensive
  • Good value of money
  • The sound bass is clean, balanced and comparable with 50+ models
  • Durable design
  • In-line remote control function.
  • High compatibility with android and iPhone.

What We Don\'t

  • Noise isolation is average, not best.
  • As the price is so low, you can’t expect an extaordinary thing in such value.

The Brainwavz Delta earbuds (as compared to Brainwavz BLU-100)are the pair of affordable headphones that you may take everywhere. They have a simple yet sleek design with a nearly tangle-free cord, secure ear inserts and an inline remote. Their impressive sound quality belies their $25 price, making the Deltas a pair of affordable earbuds you’ll want to have on hand at all the times to block out the noises of the world.

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Brainwavz Delta Earbuds Review:

Noise cancellation:

If you travel on the tube a lot and at the higher volumes, they pretty much block out all surrounding noise. The wire itself doesn’t make too much noise when running etc.

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Brainwavz Delta earbuds don’t look like $20 Earbuds. Classic black look which is essential and clean and bright colors sleazy construction gave it an attractive look. The buds’ all-metal housing looks sleek while remaining lightweight, with a satin finish that features white and magenta Brainwavz logo on the back. There is in-line remote through which you can control the play & pause, volume, songs and make handsfree calls. There are 2 different models. One for the iOS device and one for Android devices. Make sure to pick the right model according to the type of devices you’re using. That’s a nice feature for such cheap earbuds. You will receive 4 sets of silicone ear tips of different sizes in the package and a set of Comply foam S400 tips which is a really nice addition to the whole package. You don’t need to buy any other ear tips to get the most out of Delta’s. For best performance, Comply tips are highly recommended.

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Brainwavz Delta earbuds are the lightest earbuds you ever wear, but comfort doesn’t suffer because of it. These earphones available in three different sized rubber earbuds for people with different ear sizes allowing you to have multiple options for comfort. There’s also one pair of foam earbuds. When the right ear tip is being selected for your ears Delta becomes very comfortable IEMs to wear anywhere you go. The good thing is that there is no problem of microphonics which means you can wear them any way you like without affecting the sound quality.

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Brainwavz Delta has a durable design and it’s going to last for long period. The cord is very durable as well, thick and rubberized with additional reinforcement of the plug-in adapter, this is something most earbuds lack in this price range.


Delta is very compatible, you can attach these earphones with iPhone or android. These headphones are the best alternative to your causal handset headphones.  The Brainwavz Delta earbuds have loud, animated audio quality that brings tracks to life, as well as a sleek design and a convenient in-line remote. You can carry them everywhere.

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These earphones have balanced audio. You’ll realize that the balanced tones of these earphones provide a much better audio experience, you might even hear things you never heard before in songs because they were drowned out by the bass. The biggest advantage of Brainwavz Delta’s is sound quality. The dealing of Delta with mids and highs is impressive. The slight treble spike is particularly excellent. Even though the treble and mids are slightly repressed relative to the bass, the sound is not fatiguing. The sensitivity spike in the lows will not bother most people since many of today’s most popular tracks are bass-heavy. While the lows could be more defined, these earbuds perform a lot better than their $25 price tag suggests. The Delta has better instrument separation and sounds tagging too. The sound is the really good – decent amount of bass and not tinny at all.

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In so economic price with Brainwavz Delta Earbuds, you will get very balanced, a clean sound quality that will satisfy even an audiophile, packaged in the stylish aluminum casing with a durable cord for slightly over $20. The sound quality and bass are balanced. Overall, Brainwavz Delta is a good product in the very economic package.

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