Etymotic Research MC5 Review (Noise Isolating Headset)

Etymotic Research MC5 In-Ear Earphones

Etymotic Research MC5 In-Ear Earphones

Sound Quality

8.5 /10


8.0 /10


7.5 /10


8.0 /10


8.0 /10

What We Like

  • The overall sound is balanced
  • Contains several pads of different sizes
  • Good noise isolation.
  • It has a solid design

What We Don\'t

  • Not suitable for real audiophiles.

The Etymotic Research MC5 is a good headset, which has a good aesthetic in terms of design, has several accessories that many will like and more if those accessories seek to provide the greatest convenience to users.

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As far as the sound goes according to tastes, it brings a good sound, without becoming excellent. There are things to be evaluated because compared to other brands and other models, the MC5 model takes the advantage, and its value for money is something we cannot ignore. Knowing their complete characteristics we can evaluate if this will be the earphone that is part of our reproductions.

Etymotic Research MC5 – Design and Features:

The design is made of good quality metal and the cables are of a good diameter and coated with a highly resistant plastic, and can withstand the daily use since this plastic makes the cables resist wear. The cables that connect the headphones are flexible enough and tend to be resilient as long as they are taken care of.

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It also has a warranty of 24 months, which draws the attention of users, as this ensures that it is a model of good quality, and will last longer than a guarantee. When moving, the shirt clip can be used to prevent the cable from being mistreated.

You can use it for a long period of time without causing you discomfort and will surrender at all times that you are using them.

Noise cancellation:

Etymotic Research MC5 are earphones with documented highest noise isolation feature. Tune out the Etymotic’s earphones, you can hear every detail. Reduction of outside noise lowers the risk of listening at unsafe levels.

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The Etymotic Research MC5 includes several pads of different models so that the user chooses the one that seems most comfortable and the one that best suits your ear without exerting pressure. There is a pad that is divided into 3 sections which make noise cancellation be of excellent quality, as long as they are correctly placed, also that the headphones fit perfectly to the ear, and do not allow the sound output.

And the Etymotic Research MC5 In-Ear headset pads are easy to change, which is why within the package include several models of different materials, there are some models in a soft foam and there are others that are made of silicone, so the users see us performing a Choice that is comfortable to our ear. And for easy transport includes a bag with clasp, there you can store the headphones different accessories.

The length of the cable has the length for better handling of the headphones and has some extension that users can take advantage of. The headphones together with the pads make the perfect connection so that they can be used while the users are in movements, whether performing sports or in activities that require the movement of the head.

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The user replacement filters are there to protect the moving coil drivers from earwax and debris. Two years’ replacement warranty make them durable earphones for the users.


This model does not include additional such as Bluetooth or microphone, but the sound is good quality compared to the price offered in the market. So, you’ll have a good team at a good price. A set of good earphones for your handset.

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Etymotic Research MC5 Sound:

The scale of the quality/price ratio is quite favorable since the Etymotic headphones give a great sound, the sound is very clear, and warm, and as far as the reproduction of instruments is heard quite clear. This product is of good quality and is the lowest value in the brand market. The bass sounds good, has good power but they are not the best of the brand, although in general proportions offer a good sound.

The high and medium sounds have a good reproduction and are clear sounds, their characteristics make similarities are established with headphones of greater range in price, especially the earphones superior to $100.


Etymotic Research MC5 In-Ear Earphone is a value for money, offers you several good features, however, the demanding audiophiles will surely opt for other options, while people who enjoy listening to music usually find a perfect headset with excellent features and resilient.

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