Jaybird X2 Review (Wireless Sports Headsets)

Jaybird X2 Wireless Sports Headset


Sound Quality










What We Like

  • Different pads for different ear sizes.
  • Appropriate for athletes
  • Lifetime sweatproof warranty.
  • Battery timing is up to 8 hours
  • Has better sound quality
  • Reliable wireless connection

What We Don\'t

  • Somewhat expensive
  • No modification in design

Jaybird X2 are worth buying sports headsets that provides highest comfort level, amazing sound and attractiveness with great compatibility for all devices.


Finding a model that suits your demands is difficult, and people who are athletes have a high challenge for headphone manufacturers. Sudan, they move, but in spite of everything they want to concentrate on their training and listening to music will help that. Jaybird X2 sports headset brings you a series of features, which adapt to the needs of those who exercise, which is why you should check their features to check their quality.

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Jaybird X2 Features:

The box includes comply sport memory foam ear tips, ear-fins, friction-fit silicon a port carrying case, silicon ear tips, charging cable and cord management clip. The Jaybird X2 bluetooth headphone features different ear pads of different sizes to fit any ear. Includes a lifetime sweat warranty. As they have some resistance, that even athletes can use them in races.

Noise cancellation:

The in-ear design comforts you best fit your ear. This feature helps in passive noise isolation and not much noise is there while listening music. For active noise cancellation, see best noise cancelling headphone and earbud

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Jaybird X2 Comfort:

There are certain aesthetic improvements they made regarding the previous model of the Jaybird brand. The headphones are very comfortable, can be worn for hours and will not cause pressure or discomfort in the ear. People who are addicted to exercise can take them without falling, or move, stay in the ear, and do not wear out.


In the model, X2 made improvements in the resistance, they do not wear out or they are debilitated by the presence of the sweat and is preferred by the people who continuously realize exercises. In addition it includes a lifetime warranty against sweat, however, if the headphones present any inconvenience or stop working, the company has excellent customer service, which will be available to solve any problems that users present. They come to replace or repair the headphones depending on the fault they present.

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Usually, the headsets with due care come to render for a year, but they take certain measures may last less than expected. As for the previous version, do not present greater improvements, can yield the same in terms of resistance.


Although the X2 model does not contain the aptX technology has good sound, it has the same Bluetooth technology as BlueBuds X. The Bluetooth coverage covers up to 10 meters away, as long as there are no obstacles present that interrupt the connection between the headset and the device to which it is connected. The battery gets to render up to 8 hours, which represents a small improvement over the previous model.

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BlueBuds technology over time decreases battery life. Usually, the battery of the headphones has a guarantee of operation for 1 year, after having completed that period the performance of the same tends to decrease.

Jaybird X2 Sound:

Despite the fact that the brand announced improvements in the previous model, using the X2 does not notice the difference so much, users can hear the same sound quality, so it falls as a negative point since the changes do not Show great relevance.

The X2 has a good bass, and both high and low sounds are considered clear sounds, and easy to distinguish. Although if the headset is fully fitted to the ear, making a hermetic seal the bass would sound deeper. If you are one of the people addicted to sounds with a lot of power, and you are very demanding as to the sound of the bass, perhaps this model is not the best option for it.

As for the competition, and the place in the market where the Jaybird brand has been developed, making itself known as one of the brands of Bluetooth headsets for athletes, the sound offers a good quality, and is considered one of as for sound in this style. People who are audiophiles tend to make comparisons with headphones that have cable, however, users know that wired headphones sound better than those used with Bluetooth, and this is one such case.

Final Verdict:

That is why if the options you are looking for are sound and balanced, that guarantee great comfort, and also that are resistant to sweat, and that have Bluetooth the Jaybird X2 will be within your options.

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