JayBird X3 Review (Sports Headset for iPhone)

JayBird X3 Sports Headset


Sound Quality










What We Like

  • Sound quality improved
  • More compressed size
  • Improved battery timing
  • Sweat and water resistant.
  • Comfortable design
  • Can be worn with helmet
  • Lightweight structure.

What We Don\'t

  • The price is over $100
  • Micro USB cable is not supported

If the Jaybird X2 model catches your eye, definitely the Jaybird X3 model with several of its updates will fascinate you. Jaybird X3’s size is compressed by almost 34% than the previous version without sacrificing quality and performance.JayBird X3 (Sports Headset for iPhone) image

JayBird X3 Features:

Improved sound quality compared to the previous version X2. The battery can run for up to 8 hours. The pads are made of Comply foam ensuring the best quality include 3 pads of different sizes. The structure of these headphones is light. Jaybird X3 has personalized sound that is much better than Phaiser BHS-750.

Noise cancellation:

If you consider the size of the headset, which is very small, the sound coming out through them is very powerful, however if you are looking for sports headsets at cheap price, then you should look at  Senso ActivBuds S-250. The noise is not blocked outside the earbuds.

JayBird X3 Comfort:

Compared to the previous version they made an improvement in size and design, so the company Jaybird decreased by 34% the size, the headphones are light and very pleasant to wear. They included pads that come in different sizes for easy adjustment and can perform a total adjustment in the ear.JayBird X3 (Sports Headset for iPhone) image 3

Although they reduced the size of the complete design, this change does not modify the adjustment that the earpiece makes in the ear, so it stays attached and without slipping, on the contrary, the headset is right, and the design is so compact that they can be used under a helmet without any inconvenience.

The headset can be used above or below the ear, regardless of how you use it will not cause any inconvenience. And inside the accessories included a clothes clip, which facilitates the movement and that the cables are fixed. The controls are integrated into one of the headphones.

JayBird X3 Durability:

One of the features included in the headphones, was a hydrophobic coating that is what allows the X3 model to be resistant to both water and sweat just like Sony SBH70 and Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones . That your design is smaller and tight creates resistance to moisture, so people addicted to exercise will appreciate these characteristics. As for the changes made between one model and another, the X3 has no improvements in durability compared to the X2 but maintained the same characteristics in this regard.JayBird X3 (Sports Headset for iPhone) image 2

The only weakness they present is that the tips of the headphones have presented fail, and have come to break, what is good is that the Jaybird brand has maintained its customer service, which is always attentive to solve the problems of users.

But recently the Logitech brand bought the company Jaybird and the claims that have made the customers have had a late response, compared to the methodology and response time that the company provided users earlier.


The estimated time of the battery life is at least 8 hours, as long as the battery is fully charged. The Bluetooth exceeds the standards since it reaches to cover more than 10 meters in range, as long as there are no obstacles between the devices. Charging for 2 hours is enough to fully charge the battery. Best compatible with iPhone. Among the accessories of the model X3 does not come with a charger, only comes a charge clip adapter.JayBird X3 (Sports Headset for iPhone) image 1

JayBird X3 Sound:

When comparing the Jaybird X3 model with other models of Bluetooth headsets, it is noticeable that they stand out for their sound. Something that improved notoriously as far as the previous version, were the controllers. And although the size was diminished, the sound that generates the X3 is more powerful and with greater depth.

The basses stand out, and with good resonance. While the mid and high sounds have equal effectiveness, without exceeding the sound of the bass. In general questions, the sound is well balanced, very powerful, and the audiophiles can be listening and admiring the reproduction of the sound that makes them addictive.

Users can download the application MySound or Jaybird because with them is possible to make some settings that make the sound reproduce with more power. Interference sounds that are heard are relieved if the earphone cord is placed over the ear. Even if the headset is placed in this way, the built-in microphone will not work.

Fainal Verdict:

The brand with this design wanted to make improvements to the old models, combining certain features to make it a powerful headset. If your tastes are to train and listen to music with high quality, and a simple and light design the Jaybird X3 is a good option to consider.

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