JVC HA-RX700 Headphones Review

JVC HA-RX700 Headphones Review

JVC HA-RX700 Headphones Review

Sound Quality

8.0 /10


7.0 /10


7.5 /10


8.0 /10


8.0 /10

What We Like

  • Affordable price
  • High-quality build
  • Decent sound with Good volume levels (without amp)
  • Deep sound bass
  • Can be molded to fix the fit and sound isolation

What We Don\'t

  • Very big on the head  
  • 11.5 feet long cable can be a problem

When it comes to great closed-back headphones, the JVC definitely produce some of the best examples. This Japanese brand is well known for producing quality headphones and the JVC HA-RX700 are no exception to that norm. These circumpolar headphones are big and you might be at risk of looking a little dorky in them, as well as getting tangled in their long cord but those are really the only problems you’ll encounter. They could be considered good all-rounders if they had wireless connectivity, but as it is, in the category of normal-headphones they are in the first place and you’ll see why.

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JVC HA-RX700 Features:

The first thing to note about these headphones is their bulk. A point in favor for some as the earcups are big and can fit any type of ears. They have a suspension headband that’s pretty wide and makes them feel very light. The cable is quite long and managing the excess can become an issue, plus it puts a lot of strain on the ‘I’ plug and some users report a ‘squeaking’ sound.

Other than that, the build quality is great. Yes, they don’t have a lot of nice features and they are bulky but they’re still a pretty good inversion, as long as you don’t need wireless technology and are willing to go through the tedious and tiring labor of taking out your device every time you want to change your songs and/or volume.

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Noise Cancellation:

A point in favor is their closed design that’s pretty good at passive noise isolation. For Active Noise Cancelling headphones. Here are a Good ones:


Even though they are big and a little heavy at 11.6 ounces, this doesn’t affect comfort. Just put them on and you’ll soon realize that you can wear them for hours without feeling discomfort. The spring design and the wide headband keep the weight from putting too much pressure on the head. The ear pads are thick, soft, and covered in pleather, which can make your ears feel a little hot. But this is a normal defect of pleather. All in all, these are very comfy as they come, but if you want a little more, some users have added mods to their headphones to help with the fit. The comfort is good and can be even better with mods.

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JVC HA-RX700 Headphones Durability:

The construction is pretty good, and both pads and headband look like they’ll last a long time. These will easily endure rough treatment without even scratching. They have high quality build and top-notch durability.


As for features or accessories, there aren’t many. In fact, they come with a 6.3mm adapter and that’s it. They have no controls and don’t support Bluetooth. If you want more than these give you, you’ll have look elsewhere and maybe raise the price range.

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JVC HA-RX700 Headphones Sound:

You don’t need an EQ with these, the sound signature is very balanced. The treble isn’t harsh or aggressive, though an audiophile might want better performance in the higher ranges. The mids are clear and mellow, the instruments are well separated and can be told one from the other. The bass is precise, perfect for modern music. Plus, you can also forget your amp, these headphones have a lot of oomph.

The sound quality on this pair of cans is easily comparable to studio-grade headphones, and for the price you’d pay in the supermarket to get average, almost-disposable headphones. Some users even report that after 100 hours of usage they sound better. And if you’re still not satisfied, you can add mods to help widen the soundstage which makes the highs less shrilly, and the bass more detailed, less boomy. Also with mods, you can dampen the reverberating sounds of the plastic housing and improve the already good sound isolation.

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The JVC HA-RX700 have check marks in all the important and indispensable boxes. Simply put, you’ll have a really hard time finding headphones with better durability or with better sound quality for the same price. And if you find you really can’t deal with the no inline remote or wireless connectivity issue keep in mind that these headphones don’t go over the $50 mark.

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