LG HBS-910 Tone Infinim Headset Review and Rating

LG HBS-910 Tone Infinim

LG HBS-910 Tone Infinim

Sound Quality

8.5 /10


8.0 /10


7.5 /10


8.0 /10


7.0 /10

What We Like

  • Good sound quality
  • Balanced bass
  • Less distortion  
  • MEMS technology is used (for better talkback)
  • The earbuds are comfortable.
  • Supreme battery timing.
  • Compatible with all devices
  • In-line control function.

What We Don\'t

  • Low talkback.
  • Bluetooth range is not so good.
  • Thin cable may fail.
  • Not comfortable for frequent wears

Only technology is not enough to make the products, LG has a specialty of incorporating stylish and comfortable designs to enhance the experience of customers. LG offers a new level of wireless audio performance. LG HBS-910 Tone Infinim is an iconic wireless headset with retractable and around the neck earbud. The Infinim headset Bluetooth stereo has good sound quality with balanced bass. For best call quality Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems technology is being used. LG Tone Infinim is the best combination of style and technology.

LG HBS-910 Tone Infinim Headset

LG HBS-910 Tone Infinim Feature:

The headphone has retractable earbud cable which is an initiative wire management solution. LG Tone Infinim HBS-910 has good sound quality with balanced bass. To make the best phone call experience, MEMS technology is used. Balanced audio is delivered with less distortion with the help of Quad Layer Speaker Technology. A sleek lightweight design when curved around the neck, the user feel no irritation. LG Tone Infinim HBS-910 has long battery life around 10-16 hours and require only 2 hours for full charge.

The headset can be connected to audio players like iPod, CD players, MP3s and smart phones as well. HKSS technology refined the sound and full boded bass enhance the listening experience. There are Control functions on the neckband which include: power on/off, track play/pause, track reverse/advance, call accept/decline, and volume up/down.

The headphone has sleek design but no noise isolation. The sound may be disturbed by the external noise.


The lightweight around the neck design makes the headphones easy to wear all the day without any noticeable pressure points often found with other wireless earbuds. The earbuds are small and nicely fit the ear. Several ear tips are available in the case which can be selected according to the ear size. HBS-910 earbuds and ear tips are very comfortable. Since it is a wireless headphone and the retractable earbuds cable is also not so lengthy, you don’t need to handle long cables.

LG HBS-910 Tone Infinim Headset image


The retractable cable seems to be so thin and cheap and they supposed to fail over time due to heavy use. Infinim HBS-910 has retractable earbud cable which is so thin and can fail with frequent retractions. Not the best earbuds to take to the gym, because they are not resistant to sweat and water. Rather you may try Skullcandy Grind Headphone or MEE Audio X7 Plus for workout or exercise.


The headphones can be connected with any music player like iPod, MP3 and CD player. The best thing about these headphones is, that you can connect them with your smartphone to enjoy your phone’s music library. The voice quality is so high and never shrink when you attach with a smart phone. HBS-910 headphones are Bluetooth enabled. The Bluetooth range is about 10-25’s line of sight which is short when compared with other available brands in the same price range.

LG Tone Infinim HBS-910 is a Bluetooth enabled device but the Bluetooth range is not great, there could be a problem in connectivity and sometimes device unable to recognize the available Bluetooth connections. The battery timing is so good. For a call, the timing is about 16 hours but if you use them for music only the timing may restrict to 10 hours. For more battery life you may see Golzer BANC-50 headphone which has about 15 hours battery life or Audio-Technica ATH-M40X which offers 40 hours battery life.


The LG Tone Infinim earbuds are known for their best sound quality. Harmon Kardon signature sound feature is used for clear, refined and full boded sound with rich bass and on the same time bass is not massive. For the maximum bass response, you need to tightly fit the earbuds. The mids are good but highs are really defined. “Advanced Quad-Layer Speaker Technology” is used for delivering balanced audio with less distortion. MEMS technology introduced for the first time in headphones by LG to make the worthy experience of the phone call but still the talk back is not good. The person on the other end can have to face a distorted voice.


LG HBS-910 Tone Infinim is a headphone set in neckband style, the sleek design makes it worth noticing. They have decent sound quality, balanced bass, refined voice quality and noise cancellation features. Apart from these qualities, there are some flaws like low talk back, low range of Bluetooth and thin retractable cable. Over all, it is a slim, stylish, decent, lightweight neckband with best sound system.

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