MEE Audio X7 Plus Review (In-Ear Headphones for Sports)

MEE Audio X7 Plus Hedphone

MEE Audio X7 Plus Hedphone

Sound Quality

8.5 /10


7.0 /10


8.0 /10


8.0 /10


7.5 /10

What We Like

  • In-ear design best fit your ears.
  • Quite comfortable and stable
  • Good durability with sweat and water protection.
  • Bluetooth range is about 33 ft which is pretty good.
  • Good battery timing of about 8 hours.
  • Stylish and lightweight headphones  
  • In-line control button and remote control function.
  • High definition sound quality.
  • Good value of money

What We Don\'t

  • Large earbuds for some users.
  • Inappropriate for a true audiophile
  • Low talkback
  • Inappropriate placement of control button

MEE audio has quickly established itself as a provider of audiophile gear which is affordable but of extremely high quality. The company has produced quite a few “giant killer” products that are shaking up the market. MEE electronics Audio is known for making good sports headphones because Bluetooth headphones are here to stay, especially considering the industry’s latest trend to eliminate the headphone jack from major flagships going forward. MEE Audio X7 Plus is one of those sports headphones.

The older version has some difficulties and actually wasn’t such a good product, but things have improved with this model. The MEE Audio X7 Plus headphones you want to carry throughout your day just because of a perfect combination of size and power and the Bluetooth X7s are great workout earbuds as well.

MEE Audio X7 Plus

MEE Audio X7 Plus Features:

The in-ear style helps you fit them inside your ear, earbuds have two sections small tip is on the inner side of the ear and the major part remain in the outer area of the ear. They fit in your ear, you can wear them while playing sport and during a workout in the gym. Fun sound signature on steroids – best sound quality of any in-ear Bluetooth headphone one heard. Sound quality is awesome with heavy bass and HD voice. But the control button is on the cable which raped around your head from the backside, so it’s challenging to control music from the back.

In the box, you’ll get headphones, protective carrying case, USB charging cable, and 3 sets of ear tips with different sizes.  They are designed in a way that they can conceal noise automatically.  The in-ear design helps in this regard.

MEE Audio X7 Plus headphone package

MEE Audio X7 are quite comfortable due to their design. Once they sit in your ear and cable is properly laid behind your neck, they will not shift around. Earbuds have two sections, small ear tips best fit into your inner ear canal and the second section lays in your outer ear. This design makes them a nice choice for noise isolation. You can wear them for hours because of their lightweight but they might feel after a long time. They sit well in ears and are probably one of the most comfortable Bluetooth earbuds you have ever tried.

Just like MEE Audio M6, the X7 are also sport oriented headphones and they are light and fit in ears perfectly forming a strong seal. Durability is increased with the help of sweat and water resistance.

Don’t be fooled by its small size and light weight – the X7 Plus packs the latest and most advanced Bluetooth 4.1 wireless audio technology. Bluetooth range is about 33 ft without any hurdle, you can connect with two available devices with the help of Multipoint technology. The in-line remote with buttons is intuitive and compatible with all devices. The microphone is good for making calls as long as your background noise isn’t too high. The battery timing is about 8 hours per charge which is also good.

man wearing MEE Audio X7 Plus headphone

MEE Audio X7 manages to squeeze out of the 6mm driver is quite impressive. The bass is defined and impactful. MEE Audio X7 has a nice soundstage that is appropriate to watch movies as well as listening to pumping beats in the gym. The mids are well defined but still bit recessed and highs are boomy. You can use Apt-X supported music devices for best sound quality. MEE Audio X7 may not be a good choice for true audiophile because they are slightly bassy.


They’re worn behind the neck. You can run, lift weights or do any other exercise without the fear of losing the seal. Attractive design made them eye catching.They have some flaws like big earbuds, low talk back but still, they are good Bluetooth enabled sports earbuds with emphasized bass and available in good price.

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