Most Durable Earbuds in 2018 (Updated List of Unbreakable Earbuds]

When buying the most durable earbuds one needs to keep certain things in mind. Companies have become very competitive when it comes to different aspects of earbuds. The most important things that matters are sound and durability of earbuds. The earbuds with strong and quality materials are always preferred by music lovers. Another important aspect is the highest resistance of earbuds to moisture especially for athletes and fitness freaks, sweat-proof earbuds are a must. For everyday use, people prefer headphones that can endure a bit of roughness.

Most companies give warranties for limited periods of time so keep that in mind when buying headphones or earbuds. Every earbud has some weak points, whether expensive or cheap. The negative points are always revealed after the first few weeks of use. Here we have made a list of most durable earbuds with keeping in mind their pros and cons, sound quality, comfort, durability and other features to help people choose the one that best suits their needs.

List of Most Durable Earbuds:

Earbud NameMaterialWarrantyPrice UnderCheck Price
ActionPie VJJB-V1SMetalNo$30Check Price
AudiOHM RNFAluminiumLimited Lifetime$20Check Price
Brainwavz M2AluminiumOne Year$60Check Price
JVC HA-FXT90 MarshmallowPlasticNo$170Check Price
RHA MA750Aluminium3 Years$100Check Price
Sennheiser IE80MetalNo$300Check Price
Shure SE215PlasticNo$20Check Price

1: ActionPie VJJB-V1S (best budget durable earbud):

Speaking about ActionPie VJJB-V1S, at an affordable price you will get very good sound quality and they are durable as well. The bass quality is also very good, not too heavy, but you will still be able to enjoy music. Another thing I like about it is appearance that it doesn’t need an equalizer because they are capable of producing a naturally balanced sound.

They are very cheap and durable earbuds. They will last long enough even if used roughly because of the metal housing. They are compatible with both iPhone & Android. The best thing about ActionPie is the price because they are most durable earbuds under $30 when they could have been easily been priced at $50.

There is a bit of microphone issue, but it won’t be too bothersome. The microphone works fine for making calls on the go, but the sound isn’t clear enough. Sound isolation is average as well and mainly depends on the size of the ear tips you’re using. Soundstage is below average but considering they are the best budget earbuds it’s not bad.ActionPie VJJB-V1S In Ear Headphones

The design and build quality of ActionPie VJJB-V1S is very good for its price. The housing is made of metal and includes strain reliefs and rubber wires. The earbuds aren’t not of a good quality and is the one negative thing about them because they aren’t water resistant but the model still offers better built than regular earbuds, and they are long lasting as well. It has a dual driver design.

As far as comfort is concerned they offer a good fit for the ears and you can wear them under-ear or over-the-ear; either way they are comfortable. The housing will fit the ears easily for most people as they are small and light and comes with a nice selection of ear tips.  Some people even use them for sports without any issues.

Along with the earbuds the package includes a very nice selection of ear tips, 6 different pairs, additionally you can carry them around in a clam carrying case or carrying pouch,  3 sizes of regular silicone tips and then a variation of silicone-foam tips. The IEMs is compatible with both, iPhone and Android phones. The in-line remote/microphone features a button for accepting calls.

The microphone works fine for making calls on the go, but the sound isn’t clear enough. There is also going to be a bit of problem differentiating between left and right earbuds. The left ear bud has a small dot on strain relief.Sound isolation is average but the sound signature is the best part about it. For people on a budget this is a great choice as they can still listen to good quality sound while staying on a budget.

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2: AudiOHM RNFUltra-Durable Ergonomic Headphones:

AudioHM RNF are durable earbuds for 2018 under $20. Just because they are cheap doesn’t mean that the sound quality isn’t good. They come with an aluminum casing, 3mm rubber cables, silicone L plug & Y splitter, making them long lasting and very durable. It comes with limited lifetime warranty which guarantees the earbuds long life, or they can be easily replaced. They come along with L shaped plug and Y splitter, which are protected by silicone in addition to a protective bag.

Comfort wise they aren’t the best because of its heavy design. Also the bass quality isn’t good as it is quite heavy and produces a muddy effect. While the sound quality is good enough for its price it still is average when compared to the expensive ones. It is very high on the bass and overpowers mids and highs.

AudiOHM RNF Ultra Durable Earbuds


AudiOHM comes in an aluminum casing and 3mm thick cables. It is very unusual to have such thick cables. They come in 2 colors army green and another model which is a combination of red ear tips, yellow rings and green casings with black cables. The on-cord microphone works nicely but nothing much to write about. They come with L shaped plug and Y splitter, both additionally protected by silicone an addition to a protective bag. It comes with limited lifetime warranty which guarantees the earbuds long life, or they can be easily replaced.

Because the earbuds are quite heavy, you can feel the weight pulling down. Even the wires are heavy so they aren’t the type of earbuds that are comfortable and you don’t even feel like wearing them. But the bright side is that they are also durable, because even if you use them roughly they are going to last long due to heavier design. They are the best choice durability wise and that too at an affordable price tag.

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3: Brainwavz M2:

The best thing about Brainwavz M2 is that its design is both comfortable and made of durable materials; apart from the aluminum housing the cables are quite thick as well. It provides a good sound quality at an affordable price. They come along with a pair of in-ear monitors that are durable and have good sound quality.

The sound isolation in Brainwavz M2 is below average. Also it is hard to distinguish between left and right earbud. They aren’t sweat or water proof either. The Brainwavz M2 doesn’t have any microphone or in-line remote.

Brainwavz M2 In-Ear Headphones

Aluminum housing is light yet tough. The cables are quite thick, but still flexible enough and does not get tangled.The 3.5mm plugin is protected by thick plastics. Build quality is long lasting but if they do get damaged in the first year you can easily get them replaced because of the 1 year warranty by the manufacturer.

They are comfortable as long as they fit in your ears. It is hard to find the right fit for some people because the cables are quite sturdy and may make them unstable.The earbuds are light and small enough to fit in most ears but they do tend to bulge out a bit too much.

Along with the earbuds the package includes regular silicone, single-flange ear tips of 3 different sizes, and a pair of premium Comply foam tips, shirt clip and a carrying case to put everything in.

The mids are very clear and rich which is impressive for this price. The highs are good too, not too extended or harsh, but enough to compliment other ranges. Sound isolation is about average for in-ear monitors which means it’s pretty good, just but not comparable to high end models. Overall, the sound quality is great for its price and offers an enjoyable listening experience.

Brainwavz M2 offers a good combination of durability, comfort and sound quality at an affordable price.

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4: JVC HA-FXT90 Marshmallow

JVC HA-FXT90 Marshmallow earbuds have a good built, great durability and are very affordable. They have a dual-driver design which provides a  balanced sound quality

The biggest disadvantage is that they are not water resistant either. The manual is only in Japanese language but most people dot bother with manuals anyways so it is not a problem.

JVC HA-FXT90 Marshmallow in-Ear Headphones

The wires are rubber coated and there is a bulky L plug and strain relief so they can be carried anywhere without worrying.The wires are Y design, which means that both sides are equally long.

Overall, the build quality of JVC HA-FXT90is top notch as you’d expect from JVC and even with regular use these should serve you a long time.The earbuds are a bit different looking because they have 2 drivers inside the housing but they are still comfortable. They may look uncomfortable but they are actually fit just as well as any other higher-end IEMs out there.  The design is quite light because the housing is made of plastic and this helps with comfort.The earbuds are small enough to fit in all ears while the edges are nice and smooth.

The sound quality has a nice balance of all ranges with a greater emphasis on mids, but the bass is strong and controlled. The sound will satisfy most people because all ranges are reproduced very well without distortion.

The treble is very clear, precise though it may need some polishing by burning them in to get rid of some sibilance. Sound isolation is about average but you can make it better by choosing different ear tips and doesn’t have much to do with the earbuds themselves. This means isolation is better than with most headphones. Microphone is also great as the cables don’t make any disturbance so you can get clarity.

Soundstage is very good, the dual driver design shines here. The separation of instruments is much better than with most earbuds within same price range. Most people like these earphones because they can enjoy their favorite music when they are able to hear new things they’ve not heard before.

Along with JVC HA-FXT90 there’s a shirt clip, cable keeper, 3 sized of regular silicone ear tips and a clam carrying case included in the package. It doesn’t include an in-line microphone or remote. A Japanese manual is also included in the package and if you don’t speak Japanese this might be a small problem. The best part about them is that you get very good durability and sound quality for $100.

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5: RHA MA750:

RHA MA750 are one of the most popular in-ear monitors on the market currently and for a good reason. They provide good comfort thanks to their ergonomic design.It comes with metal housing, thick cables, and strong stress relief. The model comes along with an in-line mic and remote.

The tangle-free cables are long and thick with rubber coating. The 3.5mm plug-in is I shape and has a long strain relief. The cables are not detachable but they provide comfort as they have stress relief on both sides. They also come with a 3 year warranty.RHA MA750 In Ear Headphones

The sound quality is great with slight emphasis on bass. They are a bit pricey but the sound quality is very nice and the build is great and the company could have charged a higher price for it. There is a small issue with the microphonics but as long as you’re not running with them the cables stay put and don’t distort the sound.

They are most durable earbuds because the housing is made out of aluminum which doesn’t rust when it comes in contact with water. All the hardware is made out of metal which makes these earbuds look like they’re a few years ahead of time. The tangle-free cables are long and thick with rubber coating. The 3.5mm plug-in is I shape and has a long strain relief. The cables provide stress relief on all sides and it also comes with a 3 year warranty.

While the metal housing makes them a bit heavier they’re still quite comfortable. The design is small and ergonomic enough to fit well without rubbing you the wrong way. They are meant for over-the-ear fit due to their design, so don’t try to wear them any other way.

The package comes with accessories like ear tips, 6 single-flange and 2 double-flange silicone tips, and also 2 pairs of foam ear tips, a shirt clip and a leather carrying case to pack earbuds in. the eartips are available in both foams and silicone so you can easily find your fir and use the ones you are comfortable in. it features an in-line remote with a microphone which is compatible with iPhone and Android phones. The microphone is good enough for making calls on the go.

Their sound signature is slightly on the bassy side, but not very overly done. They give a very balanced bass with lively, deep bass that goes very deep. They’re better at sub-bass and less at mid-bass and the middle range is detailed. The highs are above average too with their s they provide clarity. Sibilance doesn’t seem to be a major problem with most songs, though sometimes it does sound a bit harsh. 

Overall it provides and enjoyable listening experience. Soundstage and instrument separation is far better than with earphones in the same price range You can clearly hear and imagine the space the sound is coming from. When combined with the foam ear tips that included in the package, they provide the best passive noise isolation.

For the price of slightly over $100 you get IEMs that can compare to models 5 times the price in every regard.They are a bit pricey but the sound quality is very nice with great build and the company could have charged a higher price for it.

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6: Sennheiser IE80:

The best part about Sennheiser IE80 is their impeccable build quality. It has a metal housing, detachable cables, and strain relief. They also come with 2 different types of ear tips to choose from, silicone and foam. The built quality is great. It provides audiophile-grade sound quality, balanced signature, and a great soundstage. They are designed for over-the-ear fit but that’s a small problem.Sennheiser IE80 Headphone

It provides a balanced soundstage producing detailed sound in all ranges with almost no sibilance and the highs remain clear even when music has a high pitch. The bass isn’t that great but it still gives any music genre a dynamic and powerful feel. The mids provide rich details and clarity.

It also has a big soundstage which is comparatively bigger than most IEMs in this price range. Even some IEMs at double the price can’t provide this sound quality. You would have to spend a couple hundreds more to get comparable soundstage and clarity from some other model.You’ll hear the instrument separation and where the sounds are coming from much better than with alternatives.  Noise isolation is also above average and you can use different ear tips for better results.

The housing is quite large and people with small ears are going to have a difficult time with a rather shallow fit, but they are still very comfortable.These are meant to be worn over-the-ear, but can be worn the regular, under-the-ear as well.The fit is very stable so you can use them for sports and workouts.

The package includes 10 different pairs of ear tips to choose from, 8 of those are silicone tips which come in single and double flange design in 3 sizes. There are also 2 pairs with a slightly different double-flange design.The foam ear tips only come in 2 sizes as well, but offer great comfort and noise isolation. Also included in the package is a shirt clip, flexible ear hooks  meant to be used for sports and workouts and a plastic case for carrying IEMs and ear tips.

Overall the sound signature is balanced and makes for an amazing music experience. Even some IEMs at double the price can’t provide this sound quality. You would have to spend a more money  to get this level of soundstage from some other model.

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7: Shure SE215:

Shure SE215 is a quality piece of music equipment that is hard to beat. They are one of the most popular and well-reviewed in-ear monitors on the market right now because of their durability and strong design.

The sound isolation is above average. The ear tips are designed to be a tight fit. It will take some time to getting used to but once you do they are very comfortable. They are also very durable, with well-built, detachable cables. The sound quality is also great with slightly emphasized bass, at the price of $100.Shure SE215 Earbuds

Their slightly unusual design might need some getting used to, but once you get the hang of the tight fit, you’ll quickly learn to appreciate its comfort. Comfort greatly depends on ear tips you use so you just need to find the right ones. The design is meant for behind-the-neck fit. You can wear them for hours without irritation.

They are made out of plastics and available in different colors and with detachable, memory wires coated in regular rubber. They don’t look as strong and sturdy as they are. They are actually one of the more durable IEMs that will survive a lot even with regular use.

 The wires are replaceable with new ones so if you want to add the functionality of microphone and in-line remote for smartphones, new cables can be attached easily.

It has good, clear mid-range and treble with slightly emphasized bass. Altogether it has a rather balanced sound with just enough bass to make music fun, but these are definitely not extreme basshead material. Their noise isolation is superb, better than most regular earbuds.

Shure SE425 is a bit pricey model but the benefits make it worth having.

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Final Verdict:

The list contains both premium priced and affordable most durable earbuds and there are some earbuds that are not heavy on the pocket and provide a very good sound quality which is comparable to the premium ones. For everyday use, people prefer headphones that can endure a bit of roughness. Most companies give warranties for limited periods of time so keep that in mind when buying headphones. Every headphone has some weak points, whether expensive or cheap and it is difficult to find out the weak points before even using the. Hopefully with this list the choice would become a bit easier for you.

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