Plugged Crown Headphones Review and Rating

Plugged Crown Headphones


Sound Quality










What We Like

  • Stylish design
  • Highly comfortable
  • Very Good Sound Quality
  • Scratch-resistant finish
  • Excellent noise isolation
  • High Compatibility with both Androids and Apple devices
  • Flexible

What We Don\'t

  • Slightly heavy
  • Cable kinds up

You might not have heard the name Plugged before. It is basically a new label which produces audio devices, the headphones. The Plugged Crown Headphones are its flagship launch device which are being recognized for their cool design, the excellent finish, good comfort level and certainly a very decent sound quality. They are not up in competition with the most recognizable names in the market but they sure do a pretty good job. The users are talking about the noise isolation that this model has to offer in comparison to the products in the same price range, it is actually very good.

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Plugged Crown Headphones Features:

Looking at the most basic features of the Plugged Crown Headphones, they are very stylishly designed and ensure a high level of comfort. They offer good technological specs coupled with their very attractive finish.

Plugged actually gives us more than what we would expect. Tell you what, the packaging is actually is top quality. You would expect something very ordinary to come out of your package but what comes out is in line with the top names in the industry. What we get out of the box includes:

  • Crown over-ear headphones
  • Android or iOS control cable with microphone,
  • A high quality carrying case which has a zipper

The Plugged Crown Headphones have an appeal that is certainly undeniable. Simplicity is the best policy and it can be seen that Plugged follows this policy to make the minimalistic look the most luxurious.

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Noise Cancellation:

The noise isolation that the Plugged Crown Headphones have to offer is actually pretty superior to the counterparts available in the market for the similar price bracket. You can enjoy the tunes to the fullest without any kind of clutter. The decent sound quality when coupled with good noise isolation, makes Plugged Crown Headphones a very good option.

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Plugged Crown Headphones Comfort:

The Plugged Crown Headphones are pretty comfortable. These are a bit heavy at 9.35 ounces, due to their solid build quality. Though, a well-balanced amount of clamping force puts most of their ample padding cushions the soft fit. The grip is good enough so they don’t keep falling off here and there and everywhere.  These offer smooth and stable adjustment.


When you talk about the Plugged flagship product, the Plugged Crown Headphones, then design is simply everything it can catch your eye with. It is simple and sophisticated, comes with an appeal and looks too cool when on the ears. It has an over-the-ears design and is very comfortable and durable as well.

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The Plugged Crown Headphones comes with two detachable cables, one is for the Android devices and the other is for the Apple devices. What else could you ask for? It is simply brilliant, it easily pairs with any standard device in use.

Plugged Crown Headphones Sound:

The sound quality is pretty decent. It is not a premium quality performance but that’s what you get in this budget you see. Sharp listeners will perhaps observe a little bit of a mid-bass bump. This problem actually feels as this sort of hum that many people may actually enjoy when listening to hip hop or EDM, so it might just be the kind of headphones you need.

On the overall basis, the Plugged Crown Headphones deliver the kind of listening experience their target audience is looking for, you know the engaging, energetic, powerful, type and the suitable for multiple styles. The Plugged Crown Headphones don’t offer audiophile but it is a good quality on sound performance, really good for the money it is priced for. 

Final Verdict:

If your budget is low and you need a set of headphones then Plugged Crown Headphones should be considered. The headphones are absolutely stylish with a very good level of comfort, you can keep them on for hours and enjoy whatever tune and wherever. The noise isolation feature is simply top notch for this kind of money. It is a very good option for people who like to go plush and enjoy decent sound quality which is pretty affordable as well.

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