Razer Kraken USB Review (Perfect Gaming Headset)

Razer Kraken USB Gaming Headset


Sound Quality










What We Like

  • Boom mic which flips up and out of the way
  • Closed-back design
  • Good noise isolation
  • Great software
  • Excellent configuration
  • Plenty of low frequency response
  • In-line control
  • Compatible with gaming devices

What We Don\'t

  • Not bass heavy
  • Bit pricey

Looking for a very affordable gaming headphone set with plenty of bass, no-frills style, and great audio customization? The Razer Kraken USB gaming headset is the option for you. It is the most likable gaming specific headphones set available in the market for its kind of price. It is comfortable, durable, has excellent sound quality and whatever you need for an optimized gaming experience.

The Razer Kraken USB lacks the fancy features that you would find in a high-end gaming headphones model but it is enough for its price, actually a little more in quality than you might expect it to be. The biggest plus point of the Razer Kraken USB is that it has a very good compatibility with all the standard gaming devices in use.

Razer Kraken USB Over-Ear Gaming Headset image 4

Razer Kraken USB Headset Features:

Razer is not a big name in the industry. You might have not even heard the name before. However, the product line of this enterprise is really good. Their headphones range is not very fancy or plush but it sure has the most productive of devices in the particular price brackets. When referring to the gaming headphones, the Razer Kraken USB is known to deliver what it promises.

The Razer Kraken USB is not very fancy as stated earlier. It is minimalistic and the design of this headset is basic and functional. It is simple so it is hassle free, just plug it on and enjoy your game.

Razer Kraken USB Over-Ear Gaming Headset image 1

As the headphones are for gaming, so noise cancellation is not the major area of concern. On high volumes, the sound may leak from the earbuds. 

The Razer Kraken USB gaming headphones are pretty comfortable. It fits without being too tight for majority of the users. The adjustable boom mic can move so you can take it out of the way when you don’t need it. This adds to the overall comfort and usability factor. Since the Razer Kraken USB are not very bulky, you can easily keep them on for long hours. These have been designed to maximize your comfort while keeping it simple to deal with them.

Razer Kraken USB Over-Ear Gaming Headset image

The other plus that the Razer Kraken USB have to offer is that the software is very easy to work with. You can manage the volumes and everything very easily.

Razer Kraken USB are quite durable. The built isn’t top quality but it is a lasting one for sure. The plastic headband is well padded and the soft round earcups are quite light weight. Unlike the bulky ones, these headphones are lighter and so avoid the damage of any mishandling.

Other users have reported the occasional microphone failure issue, but that seems to be a rare problem.

The Razer Kraken USB offer pairing compatibility with a large number of devices. The model is compatible with PC, Mac, and PS4 systems. Drivers’ availability can increase the range of compatible systems for the Razer Kraken USB. The output quality is top notch. The unidirectional analog boom microphone has a very clear sound quality. The adjustable boom mic also flips up and out of the way if it’s not needed.

Razer Kraken USB Over-Ear Gaming Headset

The sound quality of the Razer Kraken USB gaming headset is actually very good. The base model of the Kraken USB features 32mm drivers. There are two more upgrade models available in this series with 40mm and 50mm drivers as well. If you are an active gamer then you surely know that the extra bass is great for gaming, but may provide too much boost for detailed music listening. The sound customization feature is also supported by the Razer Kraken USB. Also, the Razer Synapse personalized 7.1 virtual surround sound cloud service stores all your settings so you can access your audio customization fast and easy.

Final Verdict:

The Razer Kraken does not incorporate all the high-end features that one could be looking for, in a gaming headphone set, but it is a pretty decent device which can enhance your gaming experience manifold. It is durable and comfortable and lets you connect with your digital world to the fullest. The one thing that a gaming headphones set must offer is a formidable gaming environment and that is what the Razer Kraken USB Over-ear Gaming Headset exactly brings to you. This headset is worth your money.

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