Sennheiser HD558 Review (Comfortable Headphones)

Sennheiser HD558 Headphones


Sound Quality










What We Like

  • Wide and spacious soundstage
  • Large velour earpad covers
  • Detachable 9ft cable
  • Quality build
  • Excellent clarity
  • Great frequency reproduction
  • Tight bass, rich mids, and even highs
  • Balanced sound signature
  • Audiophile friendly  

What We Don\'t

  • Hard to drive

Sennheiser HD558 is an average model headphone with balanced sound, quality material and great comfort. This is most appropriate for home use…

In the modern day, most of the headphones sets are designed to be compatible with the mobile devices. The world has moved towards the Bluetooth enabled wireless technology which lets us connect our mod headphones to our phones and manage the music from the buttons on the handset, without having to reach out to reach out to the source device, as we walk around, jog or go for a run or whatever.

It is pretty hard to find a headphone model which does its best when paired with a home stereo. It is very much the case of not being the trend in this day. However, if you need something that is especially designed to boast your experience with the home stereo then the Sennheiser HD558 Headphone is what you should get.

Sennheiser HD558 Headphones - image

The model is developed to support the best sound experience in pairing with a home stereo system unlike the very common mobile friendly headphones devices available in the market. It doesn’t cause you your entire fortune, it is not very fancy or high-tech, it is very basic yet it is the most efficient and productive when it comes to enhancing a home stereo sound experience.

Sennheiser HD558 Features:

They have everything that you would ask for when considering a device which has been made particularly to be paired with a home stereo system. It is a wired on-ears designed headphones model just like Sennheiser HD 202 ii which is a wired technology product of the Sennheiser.

Since it is a Sennheiser development, it is seriously good on the sound, which is quite characteristic of this label. The enterprise is known for producing the most moderately priced headphone yet he most high on sound quality headphones. Their products are never too fancy, actually very simple and basic, yet they rule the markets for years.

Sennheiser is known for producing reliably high-quality headphones some of them are Sennheiser HD201Sennheiser HD25Sennheiser HD 598 and this HD558 model is no exception. These headphones have near-audiophile quality at a current street price of about $100 which is too good for the pocket you know.

Sennheiser HD558 Headphones - image 4

The Sennheiser gives a complete package, the box contains: Sennheiser HD558 headphones, 9ft (3m) cables with ¼” straight plug, ¼” to 3.5mm jack adapter and warranty card.

Noise Cancellation:

The Sennheiser HD558 have a very basic design which actually makes them good on the performance. There is nothing to get in hassle with and so the functional efficiency is top notch. These are minimalistic with an on-ears design. Also despite the fact that the HD558 headphones are open-back construction, they still provide a fairly private listening experience with limited sound leakage occurring only at high listening levels.

Sennheiser HD558 Headphones - image 2

Sennheiser HD558 Comfort:

The v are quite comfortable for the long use. They have very large earpads that should completely cover the ear. Soft velour earpad covers are very comfortable. The headphones are heavier than some other open-back designs, but the general comfort level is very good.


Well, it is Sennheiser so the product is due to last long enough. Even with plastic construction, the build and design quality of these headphones is very good. They look and feel solid.


Can be used with smartphone and PC’s. Headphones are Bluetooth enabled and can be paired with any Bluetooth enabled devices.

Sennheiser HD558 Headphones - image 3

Sennheiser HD558 Sound Quality:

Did we hear the name Sennheiser? That is symbolic to excellent sound quality you know. The sound quality of the Sennheiser HD558 headphones is extraordinarily clear and natural, even bordering on audiophile-grade quality. The bass is tight and responsive, without being overbearing or pushy. Stringed instruments and vocals sound excellent with these headphones. That is just brilliant. Isn’t it? The highs are crisp, bright and full of detail, without being shrill that is.

Like any other Sennheiser product, the Sennheiser HD558 have an overall accurate and natural frequency response lets these headphones to work great for listening to nearly every genre. A wide and open soundstage offers a very detailed music and movie listening experience. The noise isolation is minimum due to the design but the general sound quality for the Sennheiser HD558 is truly amazing.

Final Verdict:

If you need a pair of headphone which are just perfect for a home stereo then you need the Sennheiser HD558. These are designed particularly for this use, have an exceptional sound quality, a simple but very efficient and comfortable design. These tend to last long enough to run the life for their money. Sennheiser HD558: The surround sound for your home stereo.

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