Sony MDR1000X Review (Premium Noise Cancelling Headphone)

Sony MDR1000X Wireless Headphone

Sony MDR1000X Wireless Headphone

Sound Quality

9.0 /10

Noise Cancellation

8.6 /10


8.5 /10


7.5 /10


8.0 /10

What We Like

  • Bluetooth enabled Noise Cancelling Headset
  • NFC support
  • Very comfortable headband and earcups
  • Responsive sound and lively tones
  • Great Bluetooth connectivity
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Great Battery Life
  • Quick pairing and decent wireless range

What We Don\'t

  • Expensive
  • No in-line remote
  • Not great noise isolation

Locking for premium quality output which is produced by a good looking and comfortable and certainly durable headphone set? The Sony MDR1000X headphones are one of the best wireless Bluetooth headphones right now. They offer a quality listening experience, high comfort level, and the added benefit of first-rate noise cancelling. These over-the-ear headphones are high on performance and productivity and last long enough.

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Sony MDR1000X Features:

As for a Sony product, the Sony MDR1000X have a signature battery life. The built-in battery offers an average of 20 hours’ time in full wireless mode, and a single stereo cable is provided for wired connectivity.

The MDR1000X is equipped with touch sensitive control function for these headphones. Rather than tapping push-buttons, simply swipe or press your finger against the right earcup to play/pause, advance tracks, and turn the volume up/down. Then there are only three physical control buttons and they are located on the left earcup which are the power/pairing button, ANC on/off, and Ambient Sound mode.

The Sony MDR1000X offer a lot of specs and features that you would definitely want your premium quality headphones you have. These MDR1000X wireless headphones are equipped with everything necessary to make you sound experience better than before. Their portability is an added plus, you can take them anywhere you want.

Sony MDR1000X Premium Noise Cancelling Headphone - image 5

There is something more that the MDR1000X have to offer, the credibility of the brand stamp. It is a Sony product; its reliability and sound quality can certainly not be questioned. Sony has done exceptionally well on the wireless connectivity as well.

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Everything you can ask for, is included in the Sony MDR1000X package box. It is a complete customer service that Sony ensures with this premium quality headphones Just like Sennheiser HD 598 and Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones. Open the box to find inside the: Sony MDR1000X wireless headphones, Stereo audio cable, USB charging cable, Airline audio adapter, hard carrying case and Instruction guide.

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Noise Cancellation:

Noise cancellation is independent of wireless functionality. This feature is not great but not bad as well. Noise isolation is present in these earphones.


The Sony MDR1000X are very comfortable to use. You can easily have them on for hours. The design is quite supportive in this matter. Synthetic leather is used for the earcup padding and it covers the outside of the earcup, completing the stylish look and feel.

Sony MDR1000X Premium Noise Cancelling Headphone - image 4


The Sony MDR1000X are pretty long-lasting headphones. The design and build quality of this Sony model is practically good. These are not breakable, although quite light weight at hand. The earcups fold flat and fit nicely in the included hard carrying case so that you can have a robust storage solution when not using the headphones.


The Sony MDR1000X is a wireless device which uses shared network for connectivity, i.e. the Bluetooth or NFC. It is easy to pair and brings high quality wireless audio playback with support for Bluetooth NFC v4.1 using the aptX and AAC codecs. Using Sony’s LDAC codec with a variety of supported Sony products can also offer a greater listening experience. Wireless range is about 50-60 is supported by the MDR1000X headphones.

Sony MDR1000X Premium Noise Cancelling Headphone - image 7

In simple terms, both the aptX vs Sony’s LDAC are rather inefficient codes for wireless sound transmission which implies that some loss of sound quality is present. The aptX is older and better-known codec that is being supported by a lot of devices. Sony’s LDAC codec is a bit fresher and somewhat increases the aptx but also isn’t completely lossless.

Sony MDR1000X Premium Noise Cancelling Headphone - image 1

Sony MDR1000X Sound:

The use of the AAC, aptX, and LDAC codec technologies in the Sony MDR1000X let one have a great wireless listening experience, with negligible compression artifacts. General frequency spectrum is quite wide. The soundstage is fairly wide. Bass frequencies are strong; however, one might observe a little bit of over-extension in the sub-bass range when the headphones are really turned up. Female vocals can have some acuity in the higher register. Mids and highs are well balanced, while being energetic and adding a little bit of flavor to the music.

Final Verdict:

Sony MDR1000X wireless headphones have a top-quality Bluetooth, excellent audio, nix comfort with the added advantage of some very good active noise cancelling to deliver, with being durable and quite good looking. These are a top candidate in a premium sounding set of wireless headphones available in the market. The Sony stamp is validated by the output these headphones produce and make a viable option for anyone who is willing to have a better sound experience for themselves.

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