Sony SBH70 Review (Sweat Resistant Bluetooth Headset)

Sony SBH70 Water Resistant Headphones

Sony SBH70 Water Resistant Headphones

Sound Quality

8.0 /10

Water Resistance

9.0 /10


8.5 /10


8.5 /10


8.0 /10

What We Like

  • Water resistant with IP57 standards
  • Great talkback mic quality
  • Lightweight and Comfortable
  • Good fit
  • Quality sound for wireless earbuds
  • Vibrating neckband for call notification

What We Don\'t

  • No in-line control button
  • Not Bass Heavy

Sony SBH70 Headphone is a water resistant wireless headset, perfectly made for running, swimming, and exercise with its great sound and long battery life.

Sony is one of the most well-known names in audio technology industry. It has been there for decades and earned itself matchless credibility based on its high-quality products. Sony has a very wide range of headphones devices to its name which include both the wired and the wireless models. The flagship devices by Sony have ruled the market for decades.

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What has the Sony market based for headphones is their versatile range of products, that are from high-end to affordably priced models, The Sony SBH70BK are the wireless model launched by Sony as a high performing, good sound quality product which lasts for long enough. It is worth its money for the features and specs it has to offer.

Sony SBH70 Features:

Tell Sony what you want in your headphones set and they will come up with a model that seems tailor-made for you. If you are looking for a durable model which is comfortable and provides wireless connection with good sound then Sony will hand its Sony SBH70 headphones set to you to let you enjoy your world in the money you can pay. The Sony SBH70 have a pretty decent battery life. It is not really very good like Sony MDRZX770BN and Skullcandy PLYR 1 but good enough for your work and exercise. Battery power from the neckband will provide up to 6 hours of music playback and 8.5 hours of talk time.

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The Sony SBH70 are pretty well designed and is quite sturdy, but there are a few minor weak points to consider. Sony uses a very small wire to connect each earbud to the neckband in the SBH70 model. This wire is not retractable, and it can get caught on loose clothing. Also, the earbud case is made of plastic and there is a seam that could separate under enough force.

Noise Cancellation:

The Sony SBH70 provide decent noise isolation like Etymotic Research MC5. However, the open design generally means that noise isolation is not as high as in Brainwavz S0 earbus .


Sony is known for producing headphones that are actually comfortable. For the Sony SBH70, the earbuds and neckband are surprisingly very lightweight and very comfortable. The rubberized coating on the neckband aids it in staying in place rather well, and it is easy to forget it is even there. The Sony SBH70BK have an open neckband design that is same as Philips Rich Bass Neckband, so these might not be suitable for bench exercises where you lie on your back. The neckband could fall off its place. However, for such exercise and gym workout Photive PH-BTE70 is a good option.

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The controls built into the neckband are easy to use and provide good audio and haptic feedback. And the neckband vibrates gently for incoming call alerts.


The Sony SBH70BK headphones are water resistant. The soft rubberized coating on these earbuds not only feels good, but it also helps make them water resistant to IP57 standards. That implies that you easily can take your Sony SBH70BK earbuds out when it pours from the skies, workout in hot and humid environments, or even if they accidentally fall in water. Just don’t take them as a fish for these cannot be used for swimming or intended to be fully sunken for long, but they are great for general use near water or in high moisture.

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The Sony SBH70BK bluetooth headset connectivity which is actually very simple and easy to pair with a variety of devices. The wireless connection range is reasonable with 15-30’ reception for most connected mobile devices.

It is Sony we are talking about and the label is the king of sound quality, that’s taken as given. The Sony SBH70BK are pretty good on the sound given the price range. Bass response of the Sony SBH70BK is good. It’s not for bass heads but it does have a rich sound you know. For bass, See the list of best bass headphones. High frequencies are smooth and lively, giving good balance with the solid mid tones.

Final Verdict:

The Sony SBH70 is a value model, it is pretty good. The sound is fine, the fit is good, the connectivity is decent and it is durable. As for battery life, it is not that low so the deal is on. The design is of course pretty nice as well. It is a good option if you need the Sony performance in this money. Overall, Sony SBH70B is a quality Sony promises and in your budget.

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